SOCOM 4 Online Co-op Confirmed

Gamestop is known for the exclusive pre-order bonus, as well as confirm aspects of the game not yet revealed by the developers themselves. Well it looks as if Gamestop has confirmed online co-op for the upcoming SOCOM 4 U.S NAVY SEALs, through a pre-order bonus of in-game shotgun.

Super M90 Shotgun - An extremely high quality, versatile and powerful weapon, the Super M90 is preferred tactical shotgun among the U.S. NAVY SEALs since 1999. This 12-gauge shotgun is equipped with slug ammunition for serious stopping power. It inflicts heavy damage in a focused area and features a greater effective range than standard shotguns. This weapon can be used exclusively for multiplayer co-op missions

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Rumor2828d ago

of co op after the outlaws to the end DLC! before, co op was meh...but now, i will literally turn down a game w/out co op(not really) but one gets the point. i really want to play some l4d2 now haha

ThanatosDMC2828d ago

Get MAGed. It's a giant co-op game especially with good clanmates.

L4D2 with CS guns servers are awesome.

WildArmed2828d ago

Cool is an understatement! XD

I was on the fence about SOCOM4, not being a hardcore competitive player..
The story looked nice, so did move integration..
but Co-op sealed the deal!
I love co-op, I literally spent 600 hours playing co-op in just one game.

So i can't get enough of co-op~

I hope we get an official unveil soon! with game play that is

Prototype2828d ago

My opinion with Game Stop still stands as "F- your couch"

I'll wait till it comes out as some sort of update/DLC patch on PSN

Chubear2829d ago

About frikgen time too. Only PSP owners have been feeling the co-op love.

Crusade2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Socom combined assault had online co op on ps2.

VoicesInMyHead2828d ago

Yea, but a lot of Socom'ers didn't pick up CA (like myself).....

I was so disgusted with 3.....this coming from a Hardcore Socom IIer

T9X692828d ago

Co-op is a great feature, but I'm just hoping MP lives up to the classic SOCOM and not stupid casual crap. If its anything like SOCOM 1 or 2, I'm going to be playing this game for YEARS.

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The story is too old to be commented.