Ancel talks “perfect” Beyond Good & Evil 2

TVGB: "While participating in a panel at the Montpellier In Game conference in France, Beyond Good & Evil creator Michael Ancel has given a rare and brief update on the progress of its much anticipated yet MIA sequel."

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Anon19742706d ago

I picked up a PS2 copy over a year ago because I kept hearing so much about it but just haven't been motivated to play it. Maybe this summer I'll crack into it.

webeblazing2706d ago

how about showing something

matey2706d ago

played Gamecube 1 sorry still have it to this day its mint u need this on wii

Kahvipannu2706d ago

I played the first one on PS2, and I loved it. Since I finished it, I have been hoping for sequel.. I really can't wait for this one.

Redempteur2704d ago


Thank god the project is still alive .. that's good news ...