GameStop Gaurantees $25 for Select Trade-In Titles

Grab your unloved Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 games, get in your car, and floor it to GameStop. More than fifty titles are worth $25 trade-in credit until June 27, including the ones you see in this image. Yes, that’s right. Final Fantasy XIII. You should hurry. This offer expires in three days.

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NastyLeftHook2947d ago


DarkBlood2947d ago

unless they beaten it and unlocked everything and played the shit out of it 100% ?

BeaArthur2947d ago

Because they are not going to play it anymore? There are a lot of reasons I trade in games.

Christopher2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I give away games I don't want anymore. If it's a good game that I enjoy, it stays in my collection forever. Demon's Souls is one of those games I'll go back to play over and over again each year. Heck, I gotta do it because I played it on my brother-in-law's system and need to get the rest of the trophies for my own account :)

Never been a fan of getting a few bucks back just so GameStop can make some more money for the big business fat cats. Big business fat cats who aren't even gamers, to say the least. Personally, just give it to gamers you know and you'll never go wrong.

PoSTedUP2947d ago

ive noticed that play n trade gives me back more money for my games. i made a huge mistake last year, trading in 35 of my games for a few hundred dollars, man did i hate myself for a good forever (-_-).

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nycredude2947d ago

You have to beat the game at least 3 or 4 times to get platinum trophy in this game. IMO opinion this game is a masterpiece and should never be traded in.

Seferoth752947d ago

IMO= In my Opinion. That's as bad as people in MMO saying "Please pst" PST meaning "please send tell."

SuperStrokey11232947d ago

i have no idea what that means lol

Akagi2947d ago

Who'd trade in games full stop? It's a ripoff.

T9X692947d ago

They wanted to give me $9.90 (Not even a full damn $10) for Dragon Age Origins, with my edge card giving me 10% extra. Then I turned around and saw it sitting on the shelf for $39.99 used, fucking load of crap lol.

kaz3502947d ago

Thats why you always wait until they do the 50% trade bouns weeks. with your edge card you would have got $15.93. Honestly thats not bad you get almost half your money back after you prolly played the ish out of it.

SuperStrokey11232947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Wow the trade in prices in Canada are much higher than in the states.

As for Demon Souls i think that 25 is a great price considering you can get the game new for 29.99 lots of places (well in canada anyways).

Justin_bristoe2947d ago

game stop = ripoff give u 25 and sell for49

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