Nintendo Now Shows You The Long Lines For Nintendo At E3 2010

Video of the long lines for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the Nintendo 3DS

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Coded-Dude2921d ago

those lines were ridiculous....which is why i didn't get to see the 3ds.

Lucent Beam2921d ago

I don't know if those can bet the 4 to 5 hour lines for the Wii when it first was at E3, but I still wouldn't want to be waiting in this years' either!

TheViper2921d ago

Wasn't quite that long but this is the first year they had 2 long of incredible length. Worse still is that when the doors opened the lines were already backed up from exhibitors.

There were even 30-60 minute lines for Metroid and Kirby.

They really should have leased a second booth section. They had the largest single booth space the convention center offers (same with Sony...they were side by side)but it simply was not enough.

Subzero200x2921d ago

that is because Nintendo is king.