Workout With A Spice Girl Using Xbox 360 Kinect

Black Bean Games have announced that ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ combined with Xbox 360 Kinect technology and the knowledge of Fitness First, the world’s largest gym chain, will be the ultimate and long-life experience that will entertain your body and mind. The game will feature a comprehensive nutritional program and 6 types of aerobics disciplines using more than 100 tailored exercises.

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Bigpappy2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Spice girls bending and spreading for your pleasure. But seriously, Kinect is quickly becoming the hub for selling fitness training games. If you thing this is a small deal, your are sadly mistaken. M$ will have more women owning 360 than men. And, these women will buy every one of those fitness games. % million Kinects for the holidays are not enough.

blackmagic2919d ago

I agree, Wii fit was and still is a giant for Nintendo. Kinect seems tailor made to deliver fitness games and fitness games appeal strongly to the casual demographic that MS seems to be chasing.