History's Top 10 E3 Screwups

The games business is like the high-stakes table at a Vegas casino – for every big winner, there are some spectacular failures. And E3 2010 was no different. However, it wasn’t the first E3 to have people slapping their foreheads in disbelief. T

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RatFuker2889d ago

microsoft his the number 1 spot on e3 screwups.

T9X692888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

You sure do know how to read the article.

@Donny - lol I have NEVER PMed you, your the last person I want to PM.

Donny2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

good article.

@t9x69 stop flooding my pm, thanks.

OpiumSnake dont tell me NOT to tell people what to do.

Spaghett2888d ago

Donny, don't tell people what to do.

NastyLeftHook2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

@donny whats up foo, join me on demons souls.

on topic, i think nintendo gamecubes e3..yuck!

Traveler2888d ago

All companies have had their little blunders at E3.

Rainstorm812888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I think Jaime Kennedy should take the number one spot. Him being at E3 was just wrong on so many levels. Its more painful to watch than anything at this past E3.

MS did Dis-Kinect with its fans but Activision took a dump on gaming by bringing in Mr Kennedy...........Kennedy!!

but Rats off to ya anyway.

fatstarr2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Good article i had a laugh. there are way more than this tho
brings back memories. Rofl E3 2006 was the best nothing tops it.

Five hundred and ninety nine US dollars
Five hundred and ninety nine US dollars
Five hundred and ninety nine US dollars
Riiiiiiidgee racerr

Pistolero2888d ago

I love that part when the guy was talking about Genji and he was saying the battles are based on real historical battles that took place in feudal japan and then later he says "here we have a giant enemy crab"....I cracked up laughing...I didn't know they had giant enemy crabs back in feudal

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Tony-A2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

How long ago was E3 now? Man, these E3-related articles last long!

@below: Man, there was nothing more exciting than those actual E3 days. We had over 300 articles waiting approval and tons of news flowing in! It was great!

N4GAddict2888d ago

It ended last week. E3 fever is still alive.

fatstarr2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

E3 articles go till tokyo game show lol
its just the beginning.

SuperStrokey11232888d ago

How the hell is MS 2010 not on the list? Oh wait its gamesradar nm.

Traveler2888d ago

How was Microsoft's E3 2010 that bad? I don't get that. It wasn't their best, but it wasn't terrible. Sony's really wasn't their best this year either.

SuperStrokey11232888d ago

Are you joking? It was an abomination. The way they were dancing on stage and the fail that is natal... err i mean kinnect4 screwing up and lagging?

Come on it was horrid. I never ever said anythign about sony, dont see why you had to bring them up (although im pretty sure its called deflection). Sony was a hell of alot better than MS though even if it was still not that great.

Face it the MS conference was a bomb. Or did they send you a space poncho to make up for it?

Non_sequitur2888d ago

I thought the PS3's pre-slim price was reasonable. I got one and I don't regret getting it.

Etseix2888d ago

u mean the 600 price tag?
well i got one when it was at 500 (the motorstorm bundle)
i died 1 month ago (but becasue the table broke and it fell haha)
i dont regret either, best buy ive had.

colonel1792888d ago

I don't see the pice of the PS3 as a failure. Yes, it was more expensive than any console in existence, but it really was worth the money. The Xbox 360 launched at $499.99, thats $100 less than the PS3, and what you got with that? To be honest, a machine that breaks, with bad quality and no Wi-Fi, no HDMI, no card-readers, etc. People really didn't understand the value of the PS3, and it wasn't their fault entirely; it was Sony's for not knowing how to market their console.

Today, one of the most requested feature of the PS3 is the return of the Backwards compatibility, and it was until the Slim launched, that people realized everything that was packed in the original 60 GB, and even though the Slim is still one of the best value on the market today, the 60GB is way better.

I hope Sony makes the PS4 just like the 60GB PS3. Hopefully this backfire that they had, don't stop them to make the next console, or the next PSP with the best techonlogy around.

elpresador2888d ago

the 360 launched at $299 and $399. The closest to a $499 was the Elite version that came out months later.

SilverSlug2888d ago

was cheaper, it would have been 2nd place for a long time and probably even beat the Wii.

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