Next Indiana Jones game likely pushed back to 2008

LucasArts' internally developed Indiana Jones game (scheduled for release on PS3, Xbox 360 and DS) is "still in development," but the company is no longer referring to it by the "Indiana Jones 2007" codename. This likely signals a delay to coincide with the release of Indiana Jones 4 next year.

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Dr Pepper3924d ago

Wasn't it already well known that this was 2008 release? I never knew it was labeled 07. I'm pretty sure it has been planned to release along side the movie the whole time. Perhaps I am mistaken.

KingJFS3924d ago

LucasArts first announced it as "Indiana Jones 2007" and continued to use that codename until a few months ago, when they stopped talking about the game completely.

Today was the first time they've mentioned it in a while and it was referred to as "the next Indiana Jones game."

ben hates you3924d ago

well atleast thats another 60 i won't need to spend til next year

Dragonopolis3924d ago

Since Sony has finally step into the ring and starting to deliver some fierce blows in quality, the games for both Xbox 360 and PS3 have dramatically improve and if the group doesn't want to become a Joke. Better to wait and perfect than to deliver now and be crucified by the gaming industry.

This is a videogame based on a famous movie by a company whose name is after a famous director. It will probably be expected of them to produce Heavenly Sword/Uncharted type quality in both graphic presentation and story/ voice acting/everthing else.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3924d ago

Now they have enough time to make it really good!

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