New Alien Breed: Impact Game-play Video Shows Intense Co-op Killing

DualShockers writes, "The top-down PC shooter Alien Breed: Impact from the creators of the Worms series is one of the most downloaded games on Steam right now and Team 17 would like to give some more insight on why to all the gamers out there who might not know much about this game still. The following video is a co-operative campaign game-play video showing off some of the upgradeable weapons the game has to offer being put to use. The aliens are here and breeding, watch the following video to see what you can do about it today on Steam."

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taz80802919d ago

Coop always gets me excited, it seems like too many games have abandoned coop lately

JoelT2919d ago

that co-op does that to everyone.

Hitman07692919d ago

I love some co-op as well. I think that it's awesome TEAM 17 keeps this in mind for games during their design process. Single player can be great but I agree not enough co-op is available so when you have company the choices are slim at times depending on the genre.