MTV Multiplayer: The 5 Most Awkward Moments Of E3 2010

MTV Multiplayer: In what could have been the creepiest moment of the whole conference, Microsoft brought out a young girl to demonstrate their new Kinect controlled title "Kinectimals." To her credit, Sayla did a great job on-stage, but watching it played live it just seemed a little … off. Phrases like "No Skittles that's enough, that tickles" and "You like that Skittles… yeah you like that, yes you do" taken out of context could put someone in jail.

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Valay2764d ago

Konami's conference was amazing.

-Mezzo-2764d ago

Agreed, i'm a big fan of Silent Hill series, hope they get this one right.

SpaceSquirrel2764d ago

Me too. Hopefully, the new developer can make Silent Hill great.

-Mezzo-2764d ago

Last one was a bit disappointing, i was really looking forward to it as it looked great in the trailers but once i bought it, I Din't Enjoyed It That Much.

PaPa-Slam2764d ago

Last game was Lame & So was Microsfts Conference as a whole.

forcefullpower2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Is it just me but Kudo is such a idiot. He's like the nerd at school who thought he was cool. He puts me of the product more than the product itself.

Actually the product could be good if they where not trying to go for the wii market.