Download a Blu-ray disc in 2 seconds?

Unsurprising, Japan once again shows its prowess in communications technology. At this year’s Interop Tokyo 2010, NTT Communications, the telecommunications company that basically runs the map in Japan, introduced the world’s new standard in broadband speed for pratical use. Yes, one fast enough to download a Blu-ray Disc’s worth of data in two seconds! That record number is 100 gigabytes per second. This will soon be standardized by the international group, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE and will use a 100GBASE-LR4 based ethernet connection. With this, will Japan finally embrace online gaming? Press release and video are below. Video is courtesy of DigInfo News.

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Sunny_D2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Oh boy, if this speed becomes standard in Japan, expect hackers to easily burn PS3 games onto a disk in 2 seconds, if and when the PS3 is hacked and pirated. But, I'm pretty sure this speed will take a while to become mainstream so who knows when that'll happen.

Montrealien2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

in time, this speed will be standard. 10 years ago downloading gigs in a few minutes was unheard of.

thematrix12982950d ago

This is really cool since it doesn't require the infrastructure of current fiber channel to be changed. You only need the new NIC card.

AAACE52950d ago

Other countries have great internet speeds and in america I think the fastest we can get is 20 Mbps. I guess we'll see this tech in about 50 years in the U.S.

RememberThe3572950d ago

My speed is, no lie, 1.4mbps download and 0.6 upload. And I'm in Seattle, not exactly a small town.

mindedone2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Verizon's FiOS currently offers symetrical 35Mbps, and I know you can get 50/20 asymetrical for personal use.

Edit: I see 100 GigaBITS per second, not 100 GigaBYTES per second. You would think people that claim to be into this kinda stuff would easily know the difference.

turnerdc2950d ago

Eh, alot of companies offer more than 20...

Darkfocus2950d ago

North America actually has the second highest average internet speed you should be glad. I only get like 1.3 Mb/s down and 0.5 up

XactGamer2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Darkfocus is right NA comes in 2nd for high speed, I have 20mb/s for just $35 a month.

thematrix12982949d ago

Yes it's gigaBITs but still 100/8=12.5Giga byte/sec. I think this is why the article says download blu-ray in 2 seconds[12.5*2=25gb-->BD capacity]. Anyways 12.5G/s is blazing fast....:)

Viper72949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

You can probably have around 100Mbps connection if you live in Helsinki(capital of finland). But as for the city where I am living you can get around 10Mbps (you probably can get higher but that will cost quite a bit).

currently paying 30€ for 1Mbps connection which is really expensive considering that youd probably get the 100Mbps connection for that price in Helsinki (or at least 10Mbps).

Its all about the location : /

UltraNova2949d ago

You guys need to be thankful! Where i come from 8mbit is the max and it costs 80 euros per month. Not to mention the mid 70-80s infrastructure and what we get is a 700mb movie in 2.5hrs more or less!

Menech2949d ago

Why would you want to download Blu-ray, HD-DVD is clearly the industry standard.

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beardpapa2950d ago

at that speed, expect ISPs to charge a buttload in the US.

wquach2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Both true comments but the average speeds by continent are not good indicators so much as by country, especially compared to other developed nations:

Notice that the U.S. is at number 28, while countries such as Korea, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and France all have almost up to double or more the download speeds of the U.S.

In terms of broadband/internet architecture, the U.S. is lagging.

However, companies like Google wish to change that:

with 1 Gigabit speeds. This of course would take several years to implement and build across the nation, not to mention service and spread through areas other than major cities.

Non_sequitur2949d ago

It's true. Verizon took a while to get fiber optics in my neighborhood and it happens to be in one of the first cities Verizon started putting fiber optic cables under ground and on utility poles. It took so long to get North Texas wired simply because of the fact that it is so large as well as the rest of the US. those other countries have the advantage of being a smaller which allows for faster progress in getting their countries wired, and in some cases it was further hastened through government funding for defense purposes.

RedDragan2949d ago

lol... we in the UK are still hoping for 2MB across the whole nation. In fact, the announced 2009 was 2Mbits universal coverage. Sure there will quicker connections near the exchanges but you would have thought they would have layed down cable instead of trying improve copper in the rural areas lol...

Our government is a joke :(

SOAD2950d ago

I think if this kind of DL speed becomes standard and IF the internet service providers remove downloading caps, digital distribution will become a standard distribution method for console games.

mittwaffen2950d ago

Its an experiment; they arnt planning to spread it around NA.

If they do it'll be YEARS (5-10) for them to afford/wire it all up.

RedDragan2949d ago

With yearly profit is in the billions, Google can afford it now.

This is revenue from advertising only (with, nearly only). If they did a mass rollout of this black fibre stuff their revenue would shoot up hugely and they could easily get the whole of the USA wired in 2 years maximum.

But... capitalism doesn't work that way. It's all about screwing over the population's wallet.

ravinash2949d ago

Do you know how much Fiber Optice costs?
Even with Billions it would still take years to install all the cables.

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morkendo2950d ago

in 2 seconds?? personally i like to burn rental ps3 games

ravinash2949d ago

If everyone was running at that speed, I'd expect the big 3 would start turning to Cloud systems to run their software from.

astar1234567892950d ago

wow i would love to have that in my house, i would not now what to do with it!

iamgoatman2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Do what most people do with a fast connection, spend all day on Facebook and Twitter! Y'know, really put it through it's paces...

shoddy2949d ago

movies/games streaming will be in second.

karl2950d ago

u can now download an HD porn movie in 2 seconds!>..

wicko2950d ago

lol, too bad harddrives can't write that fast. Hell, the fastest interface we have is SATA3 and that maxes out at 6Gb/s (0.75GB/s), and the fastest DDR3 memory maxes out 16.7GB/s.. hardware needs to catch up.

rexus123452950d ago

so..... what kind of system did they use to test this speed?

mittwaffen2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

DDR3 used in i7's (1366) and not shit i5/i7/Core 2 systems have peak 25.6GB/S bandwidth + Overclocking (For maximum memory speeds) makes 30GB/S easily possible while in triple channel.

SATA 3 Gbit/s limit at 250 MB/s net read speed. Ten channels of fast flash can reach well over 500 MB/s with new ONFI drives

Your facts are wrong, YOU FAIL.

wicko2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Holy shit you are a moron.
==> SATA Revision 3.0 (SATA 6 Gb/s)

And for RAM I was going with JDEC standards as listed here:

You are right about DDR3 triple channel, but have no clue what SATA3 is. Good job failing at trolling, LOL. Please nitpick someone else's post.

McPoopin2949d ago

Talk about a dumbass Wicko^^

His articles if you read them tell you the real bandwidth. Also your DDR3 comment is incorrect due to the fact that the system its used in can dictate higher speeds.

Dont read the header, read the whole article. Mittens articles which i've read say otherwise.

wicko2948d ago

Regardless of whether its 100Gb/s or 100GB/s, harddrive speeds are still NOWHERE near being able to match that kind of speed.

And no, that speed is actually the standard. And I already admitted he was right about triple channel, so I fail to see your point.

And yeah, I probably should have read the article to find out the submitter doesn't know the difference between gigabits and gigabytes, but the header already told me what I needed to know.

Please troll again.

iamgoatman2950d ago

And I can't even get 256Kb/s ADSL here in the UK!

Hell, I'd settle for 2MB/s broadband, even though that's ancient compared to some countries average speeds.

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