PS Blog: At Comic-con with Folklore & more

PLAYSTATION.BLOG "Our team is here at Comic-Con showing off some of our upcoming titles: Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike, Folklore and plenty of others. THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT kiosk has been packed, and so has the SingStar competition. If you happen to be at the show, be sure to stop by, we're in booth #4401. This afternoon and tomorrow we will have Navy SEALs on-hand to help you pose with weapons to be photographed and put onto the cover of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike. All right, enough of the plug."

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3890d ago

Foklore was just rated 5/10, have fun.

ChanDangle3889d ago

The least you could do is give us a link.

Vicar3888d ago

they played folklore in japanese and had no idea what the [email protected] was going on? (cant read jap)

or else its wierd how ratings vary so much...