The saddest, most depressing thing you'll ever associate with Pokemon

EX: "Thinking about Pokemon normally conjures a host of nostalgic, happy memories. Biking to your friends' house to duel Pokemon or trade cards, watching the Pokemon anime, daydreaming about how sweet it'd be to have your own personal Charizard to terrorize all the other kids at school -- if you grew up in the late 1990's and were caught up in the entire Pokemon fad, at least a few of those things should be intimately familiar with you. Unless you lived in Japan and suffered an epileptic seizure while watching Pikachu on television. Then your recollections probably won't be as fond.

However, one thing most fans of Pokemon don't normally associate with the colorful, cute monsters and its plucky protagonist, Ash Ketchum, is parental abandonment."

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MxShade2797d ago

I'm impressed someone went there.

tehk1w12797d ago

Wow. Now I feel like crap. Thanks for ruining my day bastard.

Queasy2797d ago

Gotta abandon'em all!