Square Enix Poised to Make A lot of New Game Announcements

E3 just ended a week ago, but Square Enix is poised to make some new game announcements. At E3 last week. Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded, Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Third Birthday: Parasite Eve, and Mindjack. Square isn't done with new announcements, though.

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VegaShinra2825d ago

I hope something on Versus 13

Leupac2825d ago

So many different possibilities it is hard to decide what I'd want to see them announce more.

MxShade2825d ago

Lots of interesting things they *could* announce; too hard to make a prediction. Looking forward to it though.

Michael-Jackson2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Why did they have to waste the number XIV for another MMO. They should have named the PS3/PC MMO with no number.