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IGN: MAG: Interdiction Impressions

The first premium downloadable content for Zipper's massively-multiplayer shooter, MAG, was released a couple days ago. The content pack, Interdiction, brings with it a new game type with the same name, and three new maps to house it. (MAG, PS3)

Dramscus  +   1714d ago
Best game I own among 35 or so games.
No other games I have keep me playing six+ months down the road with hundreds of hours in.

Note to all players. Having a mic makes the game twice as fun. I shit you not
RememberThe357  +   1714d ago
No bullshit
Having a mic makes the game completely different. The game is so built off of team work that not having a mic really hinders the experience.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1714d ago
That is why you need a Clan or friends to play with Mics.

Making tactics and playing as a real team with your 7 Partners in the Squad, you will notice MAG is one of the best Tactical Shooter Online in the Generation, period.
Dramscus  +   1714d ago
Or everybody should just get a bloody mic.
I know some people don't want to :'( but they really don't have a good reason why.
I never had interest in mics before this game. It's actually the only game I use my mic for.
This game without a mic is not fun to such a degree that I just wouldn't play it.

Probably why the player numbers are so low. Thousands of people bought it, played micless, then got irritated and bored and left.
Spenok  +   1714d ago
I agree, this is probably the best Online shooter ive played period. Imo of course. And yes, if you play this game then have a headset PLZ!
ThanatosDMC  +   1714d ago
Sadly more and more annoying kids are migrating to MAG... it wouldnt be as bad if they didnt use their mics. Had to kick 3 of them today who just whined and moaned all the time and just kept on cussing like no tomorrow before they disappeared.

I also made a mistake of letting a kid join the clan... he wouldnt STFU so i kicked him out and blocked him from my friends list. He was playing MW2, which he says is superior since he couldnt kill anybody in MAG, before the block.

You'll really hear them... those people that get pissed off because they die too much or cant hit crap in MAG... learn to aim and fire burst.

I'm looking for more SVER [AMF] clanmates. We only require that you always have a medkit and resuscitation ability. Kill as much as possible. Dont talk too much if you're annoying but asking questions or asking for a break to take a piss or respec is fine. Mic or no mic is fine.

PSN: ThanatosDMC
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Chubear  +   1714d ago | Well said
If you've played BF2 on PC then you'll know what to expect here. A little MAG twist and with 128 players instead of 64 but that game mode that so many lost hours in on BF2 is now on MAG and more modes to come in the future.

Top notch FPS online experience.
callahan09  +   1714d ago
Not sure why you're down to 1 bubble or why you've got so many disagrees, but your comment seemed spot on to me, so have a bubble, Chubear. MAG rocks. New mode, new maps, definitely got to get this DLC!
Szarky  +   1714d ago
Hmmm... been thinking about switching over from BF:BC2 to something fresh. Can't decided between MAG or Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Totally different experiences I know. Don't know which one to choose...

Sick of the maps in BC2. No love from EA/DICE.
Dramscus  +   1714d ago
I personally didn't enjoy uncharted 2 multiplayer much after two or three weeks.
That is just me though as I'm aware that many people play it quite a bit.
RememberThe357  +   1714d ago
I would go with MAG but that is becuase I went with MAG.
It took me a while to get into because it is rather unpolished. But the game is damn good and when you get on a team that actually plays as a team there is really nothing like it.
WildArmed  +   1714d ago
Uncharted 2 had an amazing MP (imo),
but like you said It didn't have the addiction that MAG has :D
I play mag every day or 2.
Uncharted 2, I popped it in yesterday after 3 months.
Still love the MP, but the MP isn't as rewarding as other MP games are.

Either way, You can't go wrong!
FanboyPunisher  +   1714d ago
BF2 on PC still feels better than Mag or even Joint Operations for that scale.
MAG is an excellent game for a console, but it does feel somewhat limited, im not trying to bash. I'm just grounded playing games on all platforms for years now.
ThanatosDMC  +   1714d ago
It's kind of a bad idea to write that when this is a MAG article. For someone who loved BF2 like me, im surprised you dont see how great MAG is. You also brought the PC in this... oh well. Have an agree.
ExPresident  +   1714d ago
MAG is an amazing gaming experience online. It truly is a team game where the lone wolf won't win you a game, work together or fail together.

I've had a blast playing MAG and will continue to do so. Interdiction is another step in a great direction for MAG and has been a blast. Rock on Zipper.
cyclindk  +   1714d ago
If this update included a 128 vs 128 mode with AI NPCs I'd buy it, there just aren't enough people left playing; that would solve the longevity issues.
ThanatosDMC  +   1714d ago
AI npc would probably be too much to handle. Actually, i think it's an advertising issue. The other games are more advertised than how Sony advertises MAG.
cyclindk  +   1713d ago
I agree, I just don't want to wait fifteen minutes to get into a big game, if I can get in at all; it wasn't always like this.
Gene  +   1714d ago
More people will play this game has long legs.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1714d ago
This game was great but with the paid DLC this game has become the new Warhawk. When Warhawk first came out just about everyone with a PS3 bought it, but when they released the first DLC the community fractured. Part of them bought the DLC and the others waited. Well then the second DLC came out and once again half of the people who bought the first DLC bought the second, and the same thing happened on the third dlc for warhawk. This game is going to have a slow death just the same because we got half a game when it came out 9 maps total and pretty crappy ones at that. I am tempted to trade this game away but i guess getting my lvl 60 raven trophy is what is keeping me going in it.

The way all guns now have a spiral bullet pattern including snipers makes spray and pray the only tactic.
ThanatosDMC  +   1714d ago
I agree with you on the $10 DLC splitting people up... i cant launch with one of my clanmates because he cant buy the DLC. So when he's with us, we cant play Interdiction. I disagree with you on the maps being crappy. They're gigantic and well thought of...

All sniper rifle bullets used to have the trail a long time ago. They just made it appear more which sucks since you can get spotted by another sniper easier even with Improved Stealth, Sensor Jammer, and a silencer.

Spray and pray are for most noobs with LMG. Aim for the head and fire burst is for Rifle guys like me. I love the new Heavy Improved armor... that and 120hp with explosive resistance plus Platoon Leader makes me a tank whore.

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