40° 2010 in Expectations: A Midsummer's Review staff writer Richard Cochnar writes about the first half on 2010 and the games that were released. Did they meet expectations or not?

Richard Cochnar writes: "Expectations are funny. High expectations are often a hindrance to one’s enjoyment of a game or movie. Vice versa with low expectations. For fear that I won’t say expectations enough in this article: expectations. Here’s how they added and detracted from my experiences in the first half of The Best Year For Gaming Ever."

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hamsterfist2823d ago

What about future expectations? So far the remainder of the year looks pretty bleak.

hollitz2823d ago

Still have Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Fable 3, and Fallout New Vegas to look forward to!

ediddy9992823d ago

Where are the portable games!

Jon_Mclane2822d ago

I love this! I agree with most of the things this Dick fellow has to say.

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