PS3 LocoRoco: First Footage Found

First footage of Loco Roco Cocoreccho for the PS3 thanks to PS3FanBoy.

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DolphGB3950d ago

I reported this story and it shouldn't have been pushed through the system, since I already posted this on YouTube and on N4G over 10 hours ago. The original story comes from my site a and you can see I'm the creator at YouTube...

News Bot3950d ago

I have updated the source link to your site.

ps3603950d ago

speaks?! i thought it was just some machine

btkadams3950d ago

looks great. i always wanted locoroco for psp but i never play my psp so it didnt justify paying 50 bucks for a game.

but now that this is a downloadable psn game (probably around 10 bucks) i am definitely getting it.

eLiNeS3950d ago

compared to the PSP version, I guess that's because it's multiplayer maybe? It looks like it might be fun, the PSP version was for those in between hardcore gaming moments and the kids like it.

Cosmo3950d ago

Thought the game was really boring and couldn't stand it but I had some female friends who really liked it ;)

I think it was the cuteness factor

Trick Nolte3950d ago

This game took me by suprise on the PSP and the music was embarassingly addictive. This version for PS3 WILL USE 6 AXIS so it should be hella fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.