Anyone That Says Microsoft "Won" E3 is Either a Fanboy or Bribed Journalist

Original Gamer: After every E3, everyone looks back and decides which of the Big 3 “won” E3. This year, the opinion is unanimous that Nintendo “won” with a press conference that was full of surprises. It came to my surprise when I read some sites declaring Microsoft the “winner” of E3. That’s when I realized that either the fanboys were out in full force or some journalists that were simply bribed by their shiny new Xbox 360 slim that they received for free during the Microsoft press conference.

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Army_of_Darkness2855d ago

**hears knocking at door**
**opens door**
"OOh for me! why thank you kind MS empoyee:)"

F#@K you all! MS conference rules all!! (umm) 360 slim rules too!!! as.. of... now...

HolyOrangeCows2855d ago

The kind of article Captain Obvious would write if he were a fanboy.

RockmanII72855d ago

While that is probably the right for the most part, you should NEVER say that if someones opinion is different from yours that something is wrong with that person. Everyone likes different things for different reasons.

doG_beLIEfs2855d ago

Well now....

Brian Crecente rated the MS conference a B and he rated the Sony conference a C on the Gametrailers Bonus Round.

What a pompous azzclown MS nuttchugging bitzch he is.

Why Sony gives that site anything is beyond me. I wish they would just cut off sites that have a CLEAR bias AGAINST Sony....I mean if they hate Sony so much, why would they care right?

secksi-killer2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

everyone above and below!!

no one won e3, no one won any prizes, NO ONE WON FUCK ALL!!

its just idiotic fanboys that say these stupid things, causing pathetic blog sites to write something for you in order to leech hits.

grow up idiots, im sick of seeing fanboyism that is rampant on this site.


pathetic fanboy idiots!!!!!!!!!

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morkendo2855d ago

fanboy!! and paided journalist


SCThor2855d ago

is Either a Fanboy or Bribed Journalist.

2855d ago
AAACE52855d ago

I don't think anyone truely believes MS won E3, but there are possibly a few out there!

pork_chop_express2855d ago

Its one thing showing pre rendered trailers for games in development but showing pre rendered stuff supposed to be gameplay with people miming was an all time low in gaming history.

beardpapa2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Paid definitely. Those familiar with industry journalism as a career (primarily web-based journalism [euphemist for blogging]) know that when a company wants you to write something about their product, they can either ask you to keep an open mind of the product or write one under their guidelines (positive or negative). Writing it under their guidelines/requirements is necessary to be reimbursed for the article.

Other articles that aren't obviously biased are not sponsored articles and are just on the site for SEO revenue purposes.

Boody-Bandit2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Did you catch his interview with Geof Keighley on Gametrailers at E3?
Fast forward to 17:55.
Both Reggie and Peter Dille came off honestly trying to answer Geoff's question and Don came off like an obnoxious pompous ass.

MS needs better front men desperately.
Every time I see Mattrick or Greenburg I cringe. But I guess I am getting use to cringing after the past couple E3's with Milo and Kinectimels.

emk20042855d ago

don must be retarded, i would be more people were excited for stuff on wii easly than they were for natal. when kirby and dk outsell gears hes gona feel stupid. he also forgot to mention that half of the natal games were just rip offs of already available wii crap.

EvilBlackCat2855d ago

Its all about creativity.

This thing have a lot of potential but you all fall in the same mistake of bashing kinect because you all see it as the replacement for Casual Controllers and the same goes for move.

THEY MSXbox (like i been telling you all for weeks) can add a Hand Motion Controller to this.

How? well look! ItS A CAMERA and is using a software. Im going to laugh hard the day they release a hand motion controller.

I bet that is what they have next for this. Why not presenting it now?

Because this way move right now just look like an upgraded Wiimote while this is percieved by the majority like something new. Once All this Motion war settle BOOM they add the wand and will have once again the attention of everybody.

aaron58292855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

"bla bla all see it as the replacement for Casual Controllers and the same goes for move."

I see it as a PS Eye..

I could have bought an eyetoy for the PS2 5-6 years ago if i had any sort of interest with this motion controllerless thingy ...

blazBlue2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I agree. They would have to be on some kind of strong drugs to believe Microsoft showed off anything that was impressive.

lelo2play2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

"Anyone That Says Microsoft "Won" E3 is Either a Fanboy or Bribed Journalist"

Yes it's true... but he could also use this title... Anyone That Says Sony "Won" E3 is Either a Fanboy or Bribed Journalist.

I say Microsoft won the casual market, EA won the Hardcore market and Nintendo won the Handheld.
Nintendo conference the only thing i thought interesting was the 3DS and it's lineup of games. I don't like the Wii nor it's games.

As for the article a moron fanboy wrote it for sure... he's no journalist.

tinybigman2855d ago

sooooooooooooooooooooooo true.

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Dramscus2855d ago

The only thing in the article I disagreed with was that nintendo had surprises.
We knew we'd see the 3ds. Then they showed off a bunch of remake games and a equal. Then for the 3ds talked about a dozen or so remakes of games.
Remakes and sequels.
At least with sony you get new ip's and sequels.
Remakes are terrible.

SilverSlug2855d ago

was a surprise, I think the games announced for it where.

Dramscus2855d ago

yeah I was surprised by the third party support. Most of them are still just remakes of ps2 games though.
I'm just disappointed that nintendo will never have a new ip again.

emk20042855d ago

ya i wish nintendo would come up with some new stuff they got amazing people they just need to start brainstorming.

Spenok2855d ago

But just about every remake or sequal will be amazing titles. Not to mention people have been asking for a new Kirby, DK, and Kid icarus for a long time now. These will all be awesome. Remakes are not terrible.

GamingBuddha092855d ago

the Microsoft conference was really boring and there wasn't anything that caught my attention. they really dropped the ball on this one plus the fact that natal (i refuse to call it kinect) is selling at 149.99 will put off a bunch of customers

omi25p2855d ago

any body who says microsoft didnt win the casual gamer side of e3, with the very impressive natal is either paid or a fanboy.

i am neither because i found microsofts e3 extreamly boring but alot of the casual gamers on the internet loved it and where realy impressed, esspecially the children and non core gamers loved it. so microsofts E3 beat wii and ps3 for the casual gamers. LET THE DISAGREES BEGIN!

harlem_v12855d ago

I dont even think they won the casuals. I think the casuals were far more impressed by the 3DS than anything else.

Boody-Bandit2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Nintendo pretty much has the casual market locked down with the Wii and DS and soon 3DS. All Sony and MS can hope for is those casuals that want to go hi def. Don't forget we are in a bad way with our economy all over the globe. Both Sony and MS at best can offer their motion devices bundled at $299 by the holidays if they both drop their consoles by $100 dollars.

Nintendo could always drop the price of their Wii to $149. Do you think people are going to go after a console with a handful of casual games at double the price? If I am being totally honest Sony has a better chance of that happening because Move will work with all games and dad and teens can sway mom to go that route for her and the younger kids. Besides Sony has more studio support than both MS and Nintendo combined and they get all the 3rd parties to make casual and hardcore games for them as well.

I just don't see where you get casuals are more impressed with MS and Kinect. Casual gamers don't watch E3. Maybe a small percentage but not enough to cause a stir in the market. MS would have to pull off a small miracle for Kinect to be extremely successful. I think they bombed at E3 and I'm a 360 gamer.

divideby02855d ago

MS had the worse E3 showings I can recall from any company in years.
My 360 buy list didnt increase at all.
As a gamer, I am really let down by the show that MS put on.
I hope they are saving stuff to announce soon, because they got their rears handed to them on all fronts