Cole’s New Look: It’s all about Character Development

Charles King/DCI gives his opinion on Cole's new design for Infamous 2. Article might contain a potential spoiler.

Infamous 2 is shaping up to be a vast improvement over an already great game. The visuals are said to be on par with
Uncharted 2, and new powers and melee attacks have been thrown into the mix. I loved Infamous and it goes down as one of my favorite games this generation. However, the only aspect of Infamous I didn’t care for all too much was Cole McGrath himself. He came across as a hero with no real personality with the cliché “angst driven, deep and growly voice”. I still liked the character, but I welcome the new character design with open arms.

If you are one of the gamers that don’t like Cole’s new design look at it this way…

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Mucudadada2946d ago

I must say. Right now I'm not thrilled about the new look at all, but I trust that Sucker Punch has a good reason to change him beyond the "he'll be more popular reason."
Also, since they are hearing so much backlash for it, they do still have time to alter it if they want to.

- Ghost of Sparta -2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Surely I can't be the only person here to notice this but Cole's appearance in inFamous 2 seems to change throughout the game.

He has longer, darker hair when he has the rod.

No rod.

With rod.

Anyway, I hated buzzcut Cole in the original. Annoying voice, no personality. Everything about the character was just awkward.

blade2062946d ago

i want this game like now

-EvoAnubis-2946d ago

I actually agree 100%. I loved inFamous, and while I liked Cole, he wasn't a very interesting person to me. He just kinda spoke in this gravelly voice and kinda moped most of the game.

This Cole seems to be more comfortable with who he has become. The character just seems more compelling than his appearance in the first he has more depth to him.

I'm looking forward to seeing this...reimagining of Cole McGrath.

CharlesDCI2946d ago

As long as Infamous 2 is better than Infamous in every way, I'll be a happy gamer.