Ripten Super Awesome Cosplay Spotlight: #4

Stephani Gutowski writes: "Having recently sold my copy of Final Fantasy XIII in an attempt to get the taste of bitter disappointment out of my mouth, I bring you an icon from one of the best installments of the series with hope that I may forget the most recent failure..."

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Stunt2613d ago

Sexy cosplay is always the best cosplay.

FrankDaTank2613d ago

that cosplay is well done.

Nostradavis2613d ago

Nice to see a woman's perspective on this topic. Especially one with an actual background in cosplay. Tired of seeing tons of cosplay posts that just say "here ar some boobs." Good job Stephanie.

greeneggsnsam2613d ago

Yeah that is good. And the cosplay is actually good instead of just revealing.

CrzyFooL2613d ago

CHICKA BOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandwich Bender2613d ago

Sex pervert!

Also, I agree.