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Submitted by xiren187 2057d ago | article

Horizontal or Vertical Position? Does it Matter on the Xbox 360 Slim?

The announcement of the new Xbox 360 Slim intrigued gamers into purchasing one but one question haunts them; are there any consequences of placing the new Xbox 360 Slim horizontally or vertically? (Xbox 360)

ShadyDevil  +   2057d ago
I do vertical. But thats me.
N4GAddict  +   2057d ago
Horizontal for me
Quagmire  +   2057d ago | Funny
Any position is good enough for me, giggidy OH!
morkendo  +   2057d ago
for ya
CernaML  +   2057d ago
Who else but Quagmire?!
-Alpha  +   2057d ago
lol @Quagmire

Horizontal for me. Vertical is just too dangerous, but much more fancy.
doeman  +   2057d ago
lol @ quagmire. classic.
Imperator  +   2057d ago
Ok, to anyone that already has a 360 slim, do you think it's worth it if I can get the 250GB one for 165 bucks? Does it really scratch your disks or is it just blown out of proportions?

if I do end up getting it, I'll definitely have it horizontal since I don't like the way they look standing up.
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Trroy  +   2057d ago
Its not blown out of proportion. If you intend to stand it vertical and your entertainment center isn't totally stable, or you have kids, don't get one would be my recommendation.

Or figure out a way to set it horizontal.
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spandexxking  +   2057d ago
it'l only scratch disks if the DVD drive is spinning whilst you move it from hori to vert and vice versa
SOAD  +   2057d ago
I don't know. Maybe you know, you might want to walk down the stairs with it to the other room or take it from place to place, in which case it might scratch discs. /s.
beardpapa  +   2057d ago
i like mine horizontal. Had it vertical for awhile but horizontal looks inconspicuous under my tv set. Have only had one problem in the position for the past 2 years with the original 360, so I don't think horizontal would affect new S much.
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SCThor  +   2057d ago
doggie for me.
Hacker  +   2057d ago
It doesn't matter any which way it looks sexy also i don't have a ps3 slim can u stand that in a Vertical Position? because if not i won't purchase a ps3 slim. lol pay extra for ps3 slim stand no thanks i won't be getting a ps3 slim then.
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xiren187  +   2057d ago
for the ps3 slim to stand vertically, you need to purchase a stand for 20 bucks. Otherwise, you have to risk the system from falling
T9X69  +   2057d ago
$20 for a stand, no thank you. I keep my PS3 flat on the entertainment stand, which works perfectly fine for me. I keep my Xbox vertical though, don't know why, I guess it just looks cooler that way lol.
NegativeCreepWA  +   2057d ago
I have my slim ps3 vertical without a stand, I would never stand a 360 vertical because the main vent that the air comes out of is at the bottom.
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morkendo  +   2057d ago
@ hacker
ps3 phat you can
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Trroy  +   2057d ago
Horizontal is almost always better.

The PS3 is one of the few systems with the best heatflow when vertical, but I don't personally think its so much better that it trumps the optical disc issues. The Wii... it doesn't matter, so vertical is good. 360.. definately horizontal.
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spandexxking  +   2057d ago
especially as the new 360 has a whopping great vent directly above the CPU, so the heat would probably get vented out quicker if its horizontal.
MattyF  +   2057d ago
Horizontal takes away any chance of the disc problems of the vertical tray can cause.
Eiffel  +   2057d ago
Horizontal is better for the console.
SKUD  +   2057d ago
ForROME  +   2057d ago
Ver all the way Ive been using mine like crazy it breaths tons better standing up

PS The slim is dam good looking and was worth every penny, its as if not more quiet than my PS3 slim
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jdktech2010  +   2057d ago
Hope this is true and not embellishment...I hate adpoting new generation tech early but the gamestop deal is too good to pass up
qiqi4466   2057d ago | Spam
na2ru1  +   2057d ago
Horizontal is better for any electronics with a disc drive.
The weight on the axel of the disc rotater is more balanced. All consoles were aesthetically designed to look good vertically. I prefer vertical.

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