Nintendo Explains Minimal 3DS First Party E3 Announcements

Ripten writes: "The 3DS is an amazing piece of hardware, no one can deny that. But without a quality game lineup, it will be hard to convince people to buy it. Nintendo announced a strong lineup of third-party games last week at E3, but outside of Kid Icarus and a few other ports, their first party lineup was a bit lacking..."

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FrankDaTank2824d ago

personally i was happy with kid icarus.

ceiltsei2824d ago

I was.. until I heard the voice acting.

N4GAddict2824d ago

The voice acting fits the game well IMO. It is not like Kid Icarus will have a serious storyline.

wakash2824d ago

3DS is gonna be sweet!!

Nostradavis2824d ago

Wish I got to see it you lucky SOB! :)

Stunt2824d ago

Who needs first party when we got MGS3D!?

badz1492824d ago

why would anyone ask where's Mario for 3DS? for once, I was pleased that they didn't depend on Mario to come along as launch title for 3DS! but hell Nintendo is Mario vice versa is strong thus the milking of Mario never stops!

kissmeimgreek2824d ago

actually i think theyre porting mariokart 64 into 3d or something like that haha.

Darkfocus2823d ago

it's the wii version of mariokart not the 64

Sandwich Bender2823d ago

While I am excited to see a good Mario outing for 3DS, I agree that it's refreshing that Nintendo didn't lead with one this time.

TANUKI2824d ago

In due time... in due time.

Sigh2824d ago

who cares as long as I have Starfox 64 remake and Zelda: Ocarina of time remake on the go, it's all good!

N4GAddict2824d ago

Yeah, they have more than enough announcements at E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.