Portal 2 - Chell and GLaDOS Have Unfinished Business

GiantBomb writes: It was an extreme relief to me when Valve's Erik Wolpaw let it be known that Portal 2 was moving beyond the "cake jokes" of the original. This quote that Gamasutra got out of Wolpaw says it best:

"We didn't jettison everything, but I absolutely do not want to try and resurrect a three-year-old meme. That seems like it would be kind of sad. It's not a good idea."

With that in mind, I was already of the opinion that Portal 2 couldn't lose. But after seeing some of the single-player during a brief demo in a very dark room and playing through a handful of areas in the game's new cooperative campaign, there's a lot more going for Portal 2 than its refusal to dredge up a bunch of worn-out jokes.

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