Free Realms now has over 12 million registered users

E4G: Sony Online Entertainment has announced that their MMO Free Realms, now has over 12 million registered users.

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dkblackhawk502707d ago

Prefer a good old game of World of Warcraft, but that is just my opinion.

mmoracerules2707d ago

Same here, if i did though, I would lose my job at the rate I play this one lol...

dkblackhawk502707d ago

The Power of WOW Compels you! lol...couldn't resist eh?

tplarkin72707d ago

Any statistics issued by Sony needs to be divided by 10.

ThatCanadianGuy2707d ago

*Flips through pages of the 360 fanboy rule book*

I don't see it! What page does your guide say that?

matrix2242707d ago

This game is family friendly in my opionion, I like it that way.

mmoracerules2707d ago

Yep, I let my daughter (11) year old play it, I see nothign wrong in it violence wise.

mmoracerules2707d ago

I would like to see the "active" user list please.

tiamat52707d ago

Ummm, that's great and all Sony but here's the thing.... WHEN are we getting it on the PS3? It's taking to long. I want to play too.

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