80° E3 2010: Red Faction: Armageddon First Impressions "Two years ago, many thought they would probably never heard from Red Faction again. It was a truly beautiful concept, but it never really came to fruition and Red Faction II was the last gamers saw of the franchise until last year when Red Faction: Guerilla was released. Needless to say, it completely revitalised the brand. Gone was the first-person perspective and gone was the linearity. In its placed as a third person game, which featured an open world and buildings that were incredibly fun to dismantle thanks to the new physics engine."

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Hardedge2944d ago

Guerilla was pretty fun, but yeah the whole open world thing was a bit too much freedom, I'd get lost some times.

ThanatosDMC2944d ago

I wish there was co-op and let us use the weapons/backpacks found in the multiplayer modes. Damn fun game when a sledgehammer can bring down a whole base.... gotta love that hammer!

Kyll2944d ago

I had a buddy that loved the first one, I might have to jump in on this one!

Hardedge2944d ago

The destruction was the best part of the whole game.

ShawnCollier2944d ago

How bigs were the explosions? xd

mephman2944d ago

Well, they themselves weren't that huge. The buildings that got destroyed were though.

ThanatosDMC2944d ago

If you ever find the military mech, go crazy with your missiles... blow everything and you see that moves or doesnt move. Mindless fun... it was great.

Selyah2944d ago

I'm still yet to play Guerilla myself I think i'll have to actually consider this when it comes out.

JDouglasGU2944d ago

I loved Guerrilla and as soon as I saw the magnet gun at E3 I was sold on Armageddon

Coramoor_2944d ago

The pass the control modes were the best part of the original game, I hope they expand on those

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