Ninokuni announced for the PS3, looks stunning in debut trailer

Gameranx writes, "It looks like PS3 has scored another exclusive(in the home console space) with Studio Ghibli and Level 5's gorgeous RPG, Ninokuni. Ninokuni was earlier exclusive to the DS platform, but a revelation by Famitsu has confirmed that the game will be heading to the PS3 in 2011. If you can't begin to imagine what it would look like on the PS3, we've got just the thing for you."

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NikoleSmash2920d ago

Def excited about this. Good on them for getting the exclusive!

MAiKU2920d ago

For a wonderful system.

Army_of_Darkness2920d ago

Should just buy Level-5 already.

hay2920d ago

Ghibli + Level 5? It's like Another World on PS3! First day...

RageAgainstTheMShine2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

What a bad ass imp!

The original movie animation and the in-game animation is almost identical in quality! And the background art is faith fully replicated in the game. Wow just wow!

If I am not mistaken this will be the Japanese counterpart of Sony Sta Monica's PlayStation Move killer app title Sorcery!

Definitely worth getting me the PS Move and Navigation controller!

beardpapa2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

wow exciting! that's some super crazy cel shading. It would really look entirely like a ghibli flick if the polygonal buildings also got the cel shading treatment.

Edit: I don't know much about Ni no Kuni, but is this an rpg or what? I googled some of the DS shots/images and it looks like a puzzle game on the DS, but this video looks like an rpg?

Edit 2: lol at 1:51, 'psyduck' makes an appearance. ;-)

kingdavid2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

@Army of darkness- It would be cool but level 5 make most of their games on the DS. I dunno if theyd wanna sacrifice their main stream of revenue.

SaberEdge2920d ago

That's awesome. It looks just like a Studio Ghibli film. I am definitely getting this for my PS3.

pain777pas2920d ago

i wish more devs used cel shading so that their games had that timeless look like this one. wind waker looks amazing even today just because the art direction was so well done. that goes fore sprite based games aswell.

N4GAddict2920d ago

Level-5 is too big to buy now. Sony should have purchase them before they started to expand.

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poopface12920d ago

I love princess mononokee, and that boy in the picture looks like Ashitaka.

Im going to have to play this just to see how awesome it looks.

Sunny_D2920d ago

They made Princess Mononokee? Wow! I really loved that movie! I am now interested in this RPG.

MAiKU2920d ago

You should definitely read up on Studio Ghibli. They also did other great movies such as castle in the sky and porkoroso.

ps3rulz2920d ago

Spirited away was my 1st movie i watched from studio ghibli. Even tho the older movies are better, spirited away is my fave.
BTW this game look kick ass hope it comes out in the uk.

Sunny_D2920d ago

Oh I've seen Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, and other great movies from them. I just checked their catalog. I can't believe the same studio made these amazing movies. I won't forget Studio Ghibli from now on.

pippoppow2920d ago

Loved Spirited Away. I Haven't seen all SG films but the ones I have really tap into the wonder and imagination that resides in all of us. Wonderful anime that I'm sure will transition into producing a wonderful game with the help of Level5.

lordgodalming2920d ago

Don't forget Howl's Moving Castle. Fantastic. Although Spirited Away is my favorite of the ones I've seen. WHERE IS THIS MOVIE ON BLURAY???

On topic, anyone know if Miyazaki will have anything to do with this game?

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patterson2920d ago

This game looks great! Can't wait.

Gene2920d ago

Poor kid lost his mom.

SSKILLZ2920d ago

Spoiler ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

Gene2920d ago

Anyone who looks up this game it's the first thing they tell you and it shows in the trailer too so I'm innocent.

telekineticmantis2920d ago

that game looks really interesting and princess mononokee was awesome will they be giving an english version to U.S.

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