Star Wars Kinect- Is it a nerd’s dream?


"I am a nerd first and foremost.

I admit this openly and freely, ignoring the funny looks I get for my ‘How to Kill a Zombie’ shirt and laughter from my ‘cooler’ friends as I regale them with tales of my exploits on Omega and the Citadel.

But there is one thing that I hold closest to my nerdy heart, and that thing is Star Wars, whether it be the classic fantastic three or the newer…not so fantastic three (don’t get me wrong, I am a Liam Neeson fan, but I really didn’t need to know where the force came from).

I love it all, from force powers to Death Stars to the droideka.

So when I was directed to a little video recently from one of the E3 presentation by one of my fellow OXCGNites, I couldn’t help but think my prayers had been answered: Star Wars for the Kinect?"

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BadCircuit2802d ago

I love the Star Wars franchise and I hope that the game for the Kinect is well done so it is a big enjoyment for fans of the movies to play.

Imperator2801d ago

This game would be a great reason to buy kinect, but it looks like it's an on-rails game. That right there is just fail (if true).

Blacktric2801d ago

A Star Wars game that lets players use lightsabers and force with their hands but in fact is just a rail shooter. Count me out. First part with using lightsabers and force powers with hands is nice but a rail shooter? Hell no. Give me The Force Unleashed 2 with Move support.

beardpapa2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

for some reason I can only think of star wars kid everytime i see star wars kinect.

Remember how that kid looked in those youtube vids? He was so serious!

I apologize if you [Mr. Star Wars man] lurk around n4g. =)

XboxOZ3602801d ago

It was a SHOW . .not a presentation of software. It was a typical Hollywood show for an audience that KNEW that, apart from the over sceptical gamer press form the mainstream game media.

Of course it was Acted, it was rehearsed for months, as are all 'shows' . . Don't you guys get it???

It's why no game celebrities where introduced on the Red Carpet, and only ppl like Billy Crystal, and his family, movie and day-time film stars, John Travolta's wife and others were being interviewed by the TV shows.

The entire event was aimed at FAMILIES as a SHOW of what could be possible, using Cirque Du Soliel as its medium, which had been working on the SHOW for months and months.

I'm sure gamers have some brains . . . although, sometimes I wonder. Check the actual full show reels out that appeared on MTV, CNN, etc, they show the full show incl interviews etc, not the edited game sites snippets making it look like a staged event.

It was . . . it's called Hollywood showtime.

Sheikh Yerbouti2801d ago

Remember the Asian girl acting like she was getting licked by Skittles? That was rehearsed.

Blacktric2801d ago

LMAO. I seriously feel bad for that guy. I mean maybe no one noticed that it was just an act while watching it live there but when they come home and see these gif's...

DarkSpawnClone2801d ago

Why do they fake these things ? , they cant show off a real demo!?!? what is M$ thinking .. this game would be cool if it wasn't on rails.

beans2801d ago

HOw do you know if it's on rails? You guys are always trying to spread more fud towards anything 360 lol.

UP2801d ago

if it is not on rails how would you move the character around?

UP2801d ago

disagree: instead of disagreeing with me why wont you answer my question to potentially enlighten me.

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gaminoz2801d ago

The demo video doesn't really show much, but this could be a bit of fun for casuals and Star Wars fans- funny article: I can imagine all the invisible lightsaber-waving and people making the "zeeeeuuuuu, zeeeuuu" sound with the game.

XboxOZ3602801d ago

If Kinect even does half of what it is supposed to do with this game, it should be a huge hit with both starlets and star war fans alike.

Looking forward to slashing sabers across the darkened room with this fun game. Who cares what it looks like or how accurate it is, so long as it's FUN

Imperator2801d ago

Hey, do you know if this is really an on-rails game?

Dramscus2801d ago

There's no way it could be anything but since there isn't an analogue stick to move around with.

iceman062801d ago

When there was forward movement in other Kinect games, it required the player to actually move the lower parts of the body (like the track & field styled game). This just seemed to be some slashing and arm waving motions. Either way, the game will probably sell like crazy because of the Star Wars effect.

Dramscus2801d ago

I love Star Wars to death but honestly this game looks like crap.

Ok the force power parts are cool but everything else about the game stinks like something crawled up the back of the xbox and died.
The problem is the saber play looks horrendous. Even a pre recorded video of it the character on the screen looked like they were just flailing around.
Not to mention it's on rails.
I don't know I watched the video for it when e3 was happening and just was not impressed.
Like I said the force power stuff is cool. The rest though, total garbage.
Saber play would work better with the move, plus no games on move have to be on rails, and the eye cam can also allow you to throw force powers in a similar game.

XboxOZ3602801d ago

Man, some gamers don't get what a pre-release presentation is all about. Much like the Kinect "Show" that was held in LA on the Sunday Night prior to E3, which was a SHOW, not a presentation btw.

This was not exact gameplay but simply a representation of how Kinect will be used with the game, which btw, is well off from landing on a console near you for at least 12 months.

Which is a LONG way to go yet before the game even ships or is even ready for demo or testing work.

Must all gamers expect perfection at conception stage of a game. If they do, then my advise to them would be - please, do not get a job in viewing Game Pitches to publishers - please, no game would ever get published.

If you saw some of the pitches developers present as "concepts" to publishers, you'd wonder if the game would be any good, but many get through and become outstanding titles.

This is yet another reason many Publishers and the developers they finance do NOT allow general public or the average 'joe-gamer' into closed door events. At least they (pub/dev) know the 'real' gaming media knows the difference between concept, alpha and beta game code, and the long process that a game goes through, and what to expect when something is being presented early.

The article is not about how good the game is - right now, but it is about what Nerds would do when a game like this fronts. They are not particularly worried about exact gameplay just yet at this stage, just the thrill of it happening at some stage in the 'future'.

Dramscus2801d ago

Way to go ignoring most of what I said. Their not going to take the game off rails, and the saber play will never be anything but flailing.
This is known because it's on the kinect, and since it's on the kinect the person playing will have to stand in front of their tv. Thus the on rails.
The saber play is done swinging your empty hands around. I know what pre alpha is, I know that some games look pretty crappy there. What I'm saying is that the whole basis for the game is totally wrong.
Putting it on the kinect is bat shit crazy.

Though eleven year olds that have only seen the clone wars show will think its totally tits.
I suppose that is the kinects main audience though.

T9X692801d ago

Kinect with the force you must

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