Peter Cullen Talks About Playing Optimus Prime, and... Mario?

Ripten writes: "During the 80′s, Peter Cullen was a hero to an entire generation of young boys throughout their formative years. In fact, he may have even been two or three. They just didn’t really know it..."

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LBD_Nytetrayn2859d ago

...the ultimate team? They do wear the same colors.

But would they be any match for Megatron and Bowser?

bfenty2859d ago

Mario? Seriously? Wow...

Nostradavis2859d ago

It was just the cartoon though. Not in an actual game.

gynecologistcobra2859d ago

Mario: Revenge of the Fallen confirmed?

Sandwich Bender2859d ago

The greatest videogame of all time.

FrankDaTank2859d ago

i'm optimus (mario) prime

Stunt2859d ago

Mario and Optimus are going to be in a game together, you didn't hear?

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The story is too old to be commented.