Gaming Union: Hands-On With Killzone 3 In 3D

Sony's E3 booth this year was full of games attempting to sell gamers on the idea of 3D as an essential part of their experience. Killzone 3, from Dutch developer Guerrilla Games, was one of the main titles showcasing this technology. We got our hands on an extended version of the demo shown at Sony's press conference, complete with jet packs, mobile turrets, precision rocket launchers, and all kinds of shooting mayhem.

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mephman2946d ago

An amazing looking game just got even more amazing.

Kyll2946d ago

personally don't care about PS3 in 3D

ShawnCollier2946d ago

With needing the TV and all, I wonder how much uptake 3D on the PS3 will take...

JDouglasGU2946d ago

I don't really either, but Guerrilla did do a good job with it. I've said before that it's not enough to convince me to buy a 3D TV and glasses but it's a nice bonus if you're really into it.

gtamike2946d ago

I would have to test out the 3D TV first then think about buying

Coramoor_2946d ago

It's cool in concept but still far too expensive

Hardedge2946d ago

Killzone 3's looking awesome and I personally can't wait to try it in 3D.

dinkeldinkse2945d ago

You should probably change your pants, if you are even wearing pants.

jneul2945d ago

post jimmy fallon now he goes oh my gosh oh my gosh, looks mindblowing i see:):)

Selyah2946d ago

It's a nice addition to those able to afford to really get the most out of it, but I don't really care too much myself. As long as the game turns out to be just as good as KZ2 if not better I'll be happy.

Coramoor_2946d ago

well said well said, the tech is all cool but as long as they don't sacrifice gameplay then it's all good

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