I Really Dislike Guitar Hero

An opinion piece on why this particular person dislikes Guitar Hero and favours Rock Band, giving reasons to the contrary.

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dangert122943d ago

does it always gotta be that rock metal type music?
not my thing but i like the concept

willgameforgold2943d ago

Honestly. I do think that Rock Band should really stick to the Metal and Rock genre.

With that said, there is Band Hero for those with a slightly less 'hardcore' attitude. I would like to see more variations of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero style, kind of like DJ Hero. That doesn't suck.

DaRoyalKing862943d ago

yea thats im sayin thats y i like rock band instead

NecrumSlavery2943d ago

Guitar Hero is more technically challenging than Rock Band. I prefer to play GH over RB any day. I hate the RB to death as well. I am excited though to see the new equipment. Tired of strumming on that stiff stick RB guitar string

Baka-akaB2942d ago

i dont really think GH is more challenging , when Gh is very forgiving on input and hits . You dont need a spot on hit and tempo . Plus looking at the much more variety and popish based tracklist ,with very simple charts , it's maybe too easy , hence why GH constantly overcharts and add extra crap that was never there to falsely create a challenge

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rumplstilts2943d ago

It isn't one of those games I always think of when I think "Great Game" but it is definitely fun and addictive. It is being milked way too much though.

kesvalk2943d ago

i dislike both, if you want to play music, then just learn to play a real instrument, it's not that hard...

in fact, it's easier than playing rock band...

Christopher2943d ago

Because it's horrible to see people want to combine two hobbies into one, music and video games. Even worse is how this can lead people to wanting to learn how to play real instruments.

I never get why people think that people having fun with music is wrong.

Jdoki2943d ago

"if you want to play music, then just learn to play a real instrument, it's not that hard...

in fact, it's easier than playing rock band..."

What a dumb statement!

How about.... "if you want to shoot people, then learn to shoot a real gun, it's not that hard...

in fact, it's easier than playing BFBC2... "


"if you want to race a car, then just learn to be a racing driver, it's not that hard...

in fact, it's easier than playing GT / Forza... "

I could learn an instrument - but the chances are I'm not going to get to the skill level where I sound as good as the guitars / drums / etc in Rock Band.

Plus, what about just having fun with buddies - do I force my buddy to learn the drums just so I can have a beat laid down when playing my guitar?

Sure jamming with friends with real instruments is fun (I used to play drums myself), but these games (and many games in general) are about fun and escapism and doing things that can't be done in real life.

Baka-akaB2942d ago

another prize for stupid comment on the month . Little to no surprise it's often gh/rb related with pompeous instruments users .

Newsflash , a lot of rb/gh players can play instruments and dont care , it's a game , period .

Jdoki2943d ago

After Harmonix and Red Octane split Guitar Hero just crashed.

It's pretty obvious that Red Octane / Neversoft don't have the skill that Harmonix does when creating note patterns for songs.

Guitar Hero just feels like a highscore challenge based on button presses, whereas Rock Band gives a better 'feel' for playing the songs.

Redempteur2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

i agree I feel more at ease ( it feels logical ) with everything they've done with rb so far

Even the thrid rock band is continuing the same path

Defectiv3_Detectiv32943d ago

um, who really cares what you like!? Are people that self-absorbed nowadays they really their crappy opinion qualifies as news? Waaah...I don't like Guitar Hero, listen to me cry about it...Waaaaah!

It's like this - Guitar Hero and Rock Band are still two of the best multiplayer games in existence. They are part of a dying breed, true co-op games that you can actually play simultaneously with your friends. Nowadays, less and less games actually include a splitscreen mode. Wait 'til you've battled one of your friends on insane mode, it's more exhilirating than your typical FPS.

And it's not like every Guitar Hero has to reinvent the wheel. The way I look at it, it's really just a glorified track pack with a little added content and I'm happy with that. I actually wish they would make more games, but it seems like since so many people are complaining they're 'oversaturating' the market now they're only coming out with one game.

Who says the franchise has run out of steam, last time I checked, the new game sounded pretty innovative. They've basically developed a six string guitar, you can even plug it into a real amp. (For a 150$ you could basically afford a low end squire strat)

willgameforgold2942d ago

Don't like it, don't read it mate. Simple really.

And if hadn't noticed, there's a option of "Opinion Piece" within the news section. If it had an article section, then it would have gone there.

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