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Donny2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

good news for ps3 owners, i miss those hulu commericals with alec baldwin, they were hilarious!

dangert122858d ago

lol guess they got sony and ms mixed up in that pre e3 news

Serjikal_Strike2858d ago

I was thinkin the same thing...

good news for ps3 owners if this is true

captain-obvious2858d ago

i hope its not USA only
since you cant watch hulu outside the US

morganfell2858d ago

Whoa, didn't see this coming.

bioshock12212858d ago

Did you read the article they also said they are in talks with Microsoft as well to bring it to their console as well.

Anyways this is good news sucks that you have to pay but kinda worth it since you get to watch it on your TV as oppose to a computer.

RememberThe3572858d ago

I'd think it would only be for the US due to licensing issues. But I'm in the US so I'm fine with that :)

PoSTedUP2858d ago

hmmm. i watch hulu on my tv with the ps3 web browser, am i missing something here? most likely, someone wanna fill me in?

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lil Titan2858d ago

they should just sign on to get google chrome and that would be more cost least i think so

eggbert2858d ago

I don't understand why people don't just hook their PC's up to a tv...

mike90772858d ago

iknow right thats actually wat i do. those cables arent expensive u can actually get one off amazon for like 7 buks

LordMarius2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

If it comes with PS+ I might buy it. But I'm not paying $10 per month for Hulu

Elwenil2858d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. I have a laptop hooked up to the TV as it is to watch Hulu if I want. It would be more convenient on the PS3, but not enough to justify $10 a month.

Philaroni2858d ago

Yet you have to pay $50 a year on XBL to get netflix which you already pay for and my gusse is Hulu will be the same way. Hulu has been looking at making a streaming service that gets you more content for a long time now and you will have to still pay to get it on your PC as well. As long as you don't need to be a PSN+ user to get the Hulu App then that is good.

Also if they can pull this off before MS that will be huge. Still want Google TV more when it comes out though.

phiro2858d ago

They will get it for the 4 free games per month and 20-50% discount on PSN store items. Who gives a shit about netflix? Thats what the pirate bay is for.

HaVoK3082858d ago

You dont have to pay shit! You choose too.

mushroomwig2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

That is a major deal, if they can implement an app for hulu within the XMB itself (and not just a website link) then it'll be a big bonus for PS3 owners.

I think Marius is right, it might be something to add on to the list of PS+ features.

- Ghost of Sparta -2858d ago

Hulu won't be free soon. They're planning a subscription service.

facelike2858d ago

I got it!!!

Hulu saw that a good portion of their traffic is from the PS3, and they figured they can make more money.

Thats why they blocked Hulu traffic from about a year or so ago.

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