IGN: Treasure Talks Sin and Punishment

The original Sin and Punishment was a cult classic, garnering a respectable legion of fans based off imports alone. Now that the game is available on the Wii's Virtual Console, Sin and Punishment enthusiasts have even more to be excited about, as the sequel -- Sin and Punishment: Star Successor -- will be hitting retail next week.

With the game so close to its U.S. launch, IGN sent some questions over to developer Treasure and publisher Nintendo in order to get the whole scoop on this sci-fi shooter.

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Donny2949d ago

pretty cool game when you try it.

SpoonyRedMage2949d ago

'IGN: Why did the team decide to develop Star Successor on the Wii? Why not on other platforms as well?'

How about because Nintendo owns the IP you f*cking retards?

That would be my reply.

Mahr2949d ago

"IGN: Is there any multiplayer support in Sin and Punishment: Star Successor? If not, why did the team decide to focus on single-player?"

IGN asks the hard-hitting questions that all other reporters shy away from -- like basic game features mentioned multiple times on their own site!

Seferoth752948d ago

The sad part is if they didn't ask that people would complain because they want to know.