E3 2010: Killzone 3 Hands-On Impressions (DualShockers)

Jon Ireson, Contributing Editor of DualShockers writes, "Guerriilla Games and SONY do it big once again in terms of production value. This game has the look of textures that you just die for if you care about graphics. So much detail on the face of your enemy, and guns. But we all know graphics are not everything so we will get back to that later. It was announced at E3 2010 that this game will not only support 3D HD (which we were shown at the Sony Press Conference) but also PlayStation Move controls. I had the opportunity to play the game in HD with the DualShock 3 controller and what I witnessed..."

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dkblackhawk502823d ago

Got a comment before the DualShockers crew :D but back to the topic. Still anxious to see what the full game will turn out to be, try all the 3D and PlayStation Move Jazz.

jaredhart2823d ago

I'm really feeling the HYPE!

JoelT2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

and seeing this bad boy on the big screen was enough. Getting an actual hands on in the Sony VIP pavilion was icing on the cake. Now I just need to convince my Fiancee to let me buy that 3DTV!

Please take a look at how close we sat to the stage at the conference!

dkblackhawk502823d ago

There were people closer, you don't deserve this cake :P

JoelT2823d ago

Is this close enough for you?

Just kidding!

But seriously, after seeing this game in 3D, it made me not want to play games without it.

gtsentry2823d ago

joelt is dat u inda picture with kazuri

JoelT2823d ago

Yes sir!

If you like that one, look at who sat with us during the conference, lol. That's why I laugh on here when people hate on Dualshockers.

wenaldy2823d ago

Wow,Krazy Kaz Hirai and Evan Wells (Co-president ND)...! You lucky bastard... :)

Hitman07692823d ago

I like the part of the game that I got to play which took place in the Arctic on a jet-pack and on foot (at my digression) a lot. I think they have successfully addressed the issue of controls that was debated over in the last entry to the franchise with one solid solution in this title as far as the DualShock 3 is concerned, but now I'm really excited to see what it feels like to play this with the PS Move. I seriously hope it is all it could be or this might end up disappointing (although I somehow doubt that will happen).

Not to mention, seeing the presentation of Killzone 3 in 3D HD in the front row of the Sony Press Conference was eye opening to how ridiculous 3DTV can be with great games hooked up to it.

T9X692823d ago

I have yet to try 3D, but Killzone 3 is still going to be bad ass.

Hacker2823d ago + i'll wait for a reliable non biase site lol.

lodossrage2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Like some Microsoft website right? :) lol

And kid, stop making second accounts to agree with yourself

MGRogue20172823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Hell yeah.. Can't wait to see how much better the graphics have gotten.. & all the new graphics technology :D

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