Play With Kinect For Xbox 360 At Microsoft Stores

Techie Buzz: Microsoft had unveiled Kinect at the E3 2010 event earlier this month. Though Kinect is scheduled to be released on November 4, Microsoft has announced that Kinect will be available to test and play around with at 4 Microsoft stores in the US.

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SupaGamer2915d ago

Got to get to a microsoft store in San Diego, Arizona, California or Colorado.

Unfortunately, I live on the East Coast.

JOLLY12915d ago

West Coast is the best coast!!!!

SixZeroFour2915d ago

you got that right! however im also in canada, lol...vancouver is great, but hella expensive to live in right now

IdleLeeSiuLung2915d ago

mrmm... San Diego is in California. What a weird comment the article made?

With that said, West coast indeed is the best coast and San Diego is indeed the best of the west coast.

I'm heading down to San Diego next week, got to give Kinect a whirl!

Army_of_Darkness2915d ago

I agreed with you ONLY on the fact that the west coast is da best..(drools) love the cali chicks....

hmp.. speaking of girls, I would never be caught playing kinect at a MS store! Ever! just imagine how retarded I would look as girls pass by the store seeing a grown man hitting invisible balls?!?!

IdleLeeSiuLung2915d ago

that is because you aren't confident in yourself.... I would be confident even if I as a male would wear a pink dress!

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beardpapa2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

wasn't aware there was a MS store down south. I thought it was further up north. I'll probably see if I can go check it out next week or two to see how it is. Going to seaworld anyways so why not.

edit: @Idle can't really say SD is the best of the west coast unless it's your hometown. Others would think of a different city. Though I don't think SD is the best, I think it's great... why... with its proximity to TJ... ;-) Not that it's been safe to go there lately but still good fun.

jaredhart2915d ago

Are they going to bring to stores in other parts of the country.

mricecreamman2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

i work for microsoft here in out west and gotta say it's pretty fun, but it's not a wii killer. if too many people is around the sensor it becomes non responsive and sometimes it has latency. this is just a replica of when sony came out with the eyetoy..which it didn't do so well.

Bigpappy2915d ago

How come you get to speak freely and the Fable developer says he can not? Next question is: how many people are too many to go in front kinect before it goes crazy?

Side note: I have seen Eyetoy. It looks nothing like Kinect.

One more thing: how comw you hit all the talking points of an N4G PS3 fanboy? Hah! Maybe its just a co-incidence. Forget I asked that last one.

tiamat52915d ago

Finally you can hear the opinion of someone that isn't a tool, celebrity or bribed. Now watch as the preorders decrease.

T9X692915d ago

Yea because the millions of people who live on the east coast are going to hop on a plane to go to the west coast, try out Kinect, then fly back to the east coast just to cancel their pre-order.

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