MMOs Say No To 360, Cite Microsoft Subscription Fee Cut Demands

Ripten writes: "Wondering why Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV isn’t coming to Xbox 360, or why Cryptic canceled the release of their own MMO, Champions Online, for the Microsoft console? The answer might be as simple as money..."

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dangert122922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

so they should ms are to greedy im sorry im not a fan of exclusives every should have the great expriences out there but microsoft have there hands in every kind of pot at the moment

in the long run its only hurting them i mean ecept monster hunter online which is old what mmo's we getting

Chris3992922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

In Japan they bundled the game subscription with Gold memberships (basically one month of Live with one month of these MH "tickets" that you need to play the game).

I would be VERY surprised if they did this in North America as they would have to subsidize a much, much larger install base. It's about the money, after all.

Ryudo2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Am sorry but did you read the article, first off I didn't know MMOs had a common spokesman.

The whole article consisted of one person second guessing what developers had said because "the developers apparently can't speak for them self".

There is nothing to read here other then the opinion of one person and he doesn't seem very well informed on the whole MMO scene anyways.

When this is the source for your article you know your reading tripe "A recent Game Informer article cites “several anonymous sources”"

O he also wrote the Article "Why Sony “Won” E3 2010" I know am reading from a clearly "unbiased" source considering Nintendo destroyed everyone this E3.

Sandwich Bender2922d ago

Ryudo, Ripten also posted "Why Microsoft Won E3" and "Why Nintendo Won E3." It was just a feature from three different perspectives.

And the writer drew no conclusions in his post, simply saying these reports "might" be the reason.

Ryudo2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

And am simply saying it's rather unlikely and the writer of this article clearly favors Sony.

Having played FF11 and PSU on the 360 I know it's most likely to do with Microsoft closing of the live platform then developers saying no.

And the fact that every single article you comment in belongs to a Ripten post sorta shows that your not unbiased in this either. did you write this tripe or you sticking up for your buddy?

Menech2922d ago

The guy basically says the developers could be lying and several anonymous sources could be telling the truth.

I would rather take the developers word for it if am honest.

FrankDaTank2922d ago

and you clearly have no clue what you are talking about, though i'm sure you'll keep running your mouth anyway. it's the internet.

Ryudo2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Awww what up next Ripten clown pissed? Don't worry I will carry on typing my rubbish why you keep writing tripe articles for hits.

I have some headlines for the next bunch of bollox that roll outa your mouth. Some Article headlines for your site.

1) Xbox 360s explodes killing 3 kittens

2) Research shows playing on the PS3 could cause cancer

3) Playing Wii could cause children to learn the way of the ninja before going on a killing spree.

Sandwich Bender2922d ago

But where are YOUR sources, Ryudo? I don't believe that an exploding 360 killed 3 kittens! I don't believe it at all!

Persistantthug2922d ago

Clearly, Microsoft doesn't want any new MMORPG's on its system...clearly.

It's nixed Marvel, Champions, APB, FF14's looking bad, and since 360 is closer architecture to PC, it wouldn't be surprising to hear others got nixed.

Microsoft doesn't want MMO's (excluding FF11 which was last gen).

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EvilBlackCat2922d ago

A triple A mmo in consoles is a menace for the rest of the developers.

ruiner44822920d ago

I totally agree, from summer '04 to sometime in '07 when I got a ps3 the only thing I played was ffxi. I bought Xenosaga, GTA collection, Silent Hill 3 but I never played them until I canceled my account for a while. If I get hooked on FFXIV I will probably follow the same path but this time I probably won't buy the games I won't play. :D

YourFlyness2922d ago

So MS is trying to double-dip and short change the devs

-EvoAnubis-2922d ago

Jeez, aren't the millions they make from people paying for XBL Gold enough for them?

MadMan002922d ago

Of course not, who doesn't want more money? Lol.

bioshock12212922d ago

You would think. I think it's dumb there are hardly any MMO on the Xbox 360 so I don't see why they are trying to make it hard for so many developers who obviously want to make MMO's for Xbox live. It only makes their platform look worse. Compare to lets say the PS3 who are starting get quite a few MMO's.

spektical2922d ago

so M$ is looking to capitalize on getting more money. I'm cool with that, as long as the end product is presentable and working (no shoddy software or hardware). This is what 360 fans hope for, i assume.

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