Peter Molyneux: Wii and PlayStation Move Are 'Kind of the Same'

Motion control was the theme of this year's E3. Both Microsoft and Sony showed their latest wares -- Kinect and PlayStation Move, respectively -- hoping to cut a slice off the Wii marketshare.

One person who was instrumental in showing off Kinect (then codenamed "Project Natal") when it was announced last year was Peter Molyneux, the creative director of European studios for Microsoft Game Studios.

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aviator1892915d ago

They really are the same. The only difference is the slightly better precision the Move offers and the obnoxiously large glowing ball on top of the Move controller.

- Ghost of Sparta -2915d ago

Kinect and PS Eye/Eyetoy are exactly the same.

ingiomar2915d ago

hahahha lol i love it when you fanboys do the ''Kinect is Eyetoy'' comment when they are really something totally different.. just because its also a camera doesn't mean its the same.
The 360cam IS an eyetoy. Kinect is NOT eyetoy.. whats so difficult about that?

On topic: Why don't you admit that move is exactly like the wii with only more precision?

T9X692915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Not exactly the same. Kinect has more possibilities than PS Eye ever could, if Kinect is done right. Kinect puts you in the game, where Eyetoy just puts you on the screen like a webcam. The Move however is EXACTLY the same as the Wii, except its WAY more accurate. You can't deny besides the glowing ball and higher precision that Move and Wii are 99.9% identical. For anyone to say otherwise is ignorant, not saying the Move is bad but its nothing new that hasn't been done before. Move is just the Wii but done the right way.

@Fanofgaming - Kinect and Kinetic are two totally different words, with separate meanings. Your trying to be funny, but really your just being a troll.

Look at that pic, then think about what they both do. You can be a fanboy, but you can't deny the obvious....unless you just want to be a troll like Mr. FanOfGaming down here.

poopsack2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

@T9X69 and others

Wii doesnt do augmented reality, or headtracking, the headtracking Eye does along with Move's precision tracking offers better accuracy than wii or kinect, as the robot demo shows, this also puts u in the game, and the fact that it has "buttons" gives u a lot more freedom, this is the key here, the move alone may be just like the wii but the fact that it works with the eye to put u in a 3d space is what sets it apart.

Kinect is high res though, props for that.

NecrumSlavery2915d ago

Move and Wii have a similarity: unlike Kinect, they both feature a stellar line up of casual and hardcore games.

chaosatom2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

We can play the game two ways my friend. hahha.

beardpapa2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

The Kinect and EyeToy are "quite" the same if developers are going to follow the same approach.

Forza demonstration with Kinect for example. When you go to the part where he explores the 458, the UI involves the user putting their hand over a circle and waiting for it to register is similar to how EyeToy game UIs are.

If developers used a different approach (say like an actual Minority Report style control scheme) then yes Kinect is vastly different. However, developers such as T10 are using a simplified approach that even EyeToy can do. So for now and from that demonstration, Kinect is strangely used the same way, which doesn't really show much of its potential and a reason it is better.

From what I've seen, the Kinect does work but the games it works with are no better than EyeToy equivalents. So far, the only reason why Kinect appears better and functions better is because we see an avatar doing the moves instead of ourselves in the tv (which is Sony's approach). If you replace yourself in the tv with a 3D avatar representation [when playing an EyeToy game], then it's quite in fact the same as the current Kinect demo offerings. I think the only exception being z-axis depth but I haven't seen a Kinect game that really utilizes the z-axis [accurately]. JoyRide's "fist pumping" is the same as how PsEye tracks the Move's "z-axis". It's not really tracking the z-axis but really just looking at the size difference from point a and point b of the object (hands) it is tracking.

To see if it's really tracking z-axis, maybe Kinect needs a demonstration where a user holds a pencil and the software detects the pencil moving along xyz. Why pencil? Because it has the same diameter from end to end (and not large as glowing ball or fist), and it's small enough that minor changes along xyz represented on screen will tell if the device is tracking it accurately.

Just my observations. There hasn't been a game from E3 that showed me the technologies actually work 1:1 as stated on paper. The only one that did work was last year's Move tech demos. The games so far hasn't (maybe exception is Sorcery).

poopsack2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

They show something similar to what u said about 3d avatars here, course its unpolished as its just a tech demo, the in game version starts at 0:35

RememberThe3572915d ago

That's about it. I think the only real differences (aside from actual hardware) is that both Move and Kinect can track on the z-axis (depth).

BkaY2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

mate did you miss ps2 eyetoy games.. kinect is just bigger ver of pseye... name a single game which was shown in xbox e3 for kinect isnt on ps2 or ps3...

correct me if im wrong ps shows "identify" in the early stages of ps3, no one talk about it and yet "mylo" is technology and ai from another planet?

move is wii controller (with precision) agree with ingio
kinect is not "eyetoy" or "pseye"... disagree with ingio (coz main theme is same games are same then whats the point of "its different")

thing is non of those are new technologies...


beardpapa2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Bubs+ for the vid. That demo is pretty sweet use of the avatar. I like the way it jumps and responds really quick. The sad part of those tech demos (like the wolverine-mimicry in the IGN one) is that they never get implemented. I'm not a developer. No experience in that whatsoever. Do those kinds of implementation have to be packaged into some library before developers can [or want] to make use of it?

Until we see developers actually making games 1:1 and not pre-canned animation script/gestures, most of these ideas in tech demos will still be in paper and never carried out unless some developer is willing to take the risk and make best use of it.

georgeenoob2915d ago

OMFG Eye Toy can do skeleton tracking and voice recognition? I didn't know!!


Give it up Sony fanboy, hope you enjoy trolling N4G all day and all night so you can justify your purchase.

Monkey5212915d ago

Yes, the eyetoy can track your face and uses the move to track the rest of your body. And stop acting like Voice Recognition is anything new, I could do that on my computer 8 years ago. "Computer, open internet" OMG!!!! Anyways, this whole argument is stupid. Both technologies are not original, but it seems only one company is trying to promote it as such. **cough** MS **cough** Stop being fanboys.

ThanatosDMC2915d ago

From all of the comments above, you can really see how good MS is with their advertising of smoke and mirrors.

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FreeFalling2915d ago

PS Move is basically the Wii- mote with added precision, and that's not a bad thing.

Kinect has the basic concept of Eye Toy, but with superior hardware, higher capabilities, more features, and higher quality functions. Also, not a bad thing.

dangert122915d ago

its true they are 'kind of the same'
kind of being the key words

Anon19742915d ago

For me, the Wii was ultimately a disappointment. The found the Wii-mote controls were laggy and imprecise. I've always been a huge Nintendo supporter and I think it's great that they've found so much success this gen, but the Wii just wasn't for me. Trying to play any kind of shooter or action game was an exercise in futility. I could never get more than an hour or so into the Medal of Honor shooter. Every time I'd try to shoot at an enemy on the edges of the screen I'd lose my crosshairs and by the time the Wii was able to register that I was still pointing at the screen I'd be dead. Party games often went the lazy route and simply replaced button presses with a controller waggle.

Motion control was a great idea, but I never felt Nintendo was able to execute on it. The best Wii game I played was Super Mario Bros and it didn't even bother with using the motion control which is probably why it worked so well.

Also, don't forget that Move works with the camera as well. By utilizing the Move controller and the camera the Move system will be able to put players in the game more like Kinect. When you think about it, Move is kinda like the Wii and Kinect combined. That makes it very unlike the Wii right there.

Move seems to have taken the idea of the Wii-mote but actually made it work. Saying that Move and the Wii are like comparing two cars, one running and the other not. Sure they have similarities, but one doesn't work like it's supposed to.

karl2915d ago

i see the wiimote more like the sixaxis than the psmove...

HolyOrangeCows2915d ago

Microsoft sure is doing a lot of damage control.

3D not "taking of" despite both of the other big three partaking and 3D just barely beginning as a household thing.
But they know all about what's not going to take off, now don't they?:
-1080p (HDMI-less 360s)
-AA Batteries (Recharge kits now only $15/20!)

And now they move on to Move.
Dissing it for being too much like the most successful console's means of input, har har.

But Pete knows best. With Kinect, he can make his legendary pedophile simulator.

poopsack2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

lol thats mean

Nathaniel_Drake2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

The glowing ball is the best part of the controller, and how it changes color to match the game itself which is amazing

Consoldtobots2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I don't see what the big deal is, who cares what fanboys think of MOVE?
ALL I know is PS3 will provide motion controlled gaming without the ULTRA crappy graphics the Wii has. HOW IS THAT BAD??????

sid4gamerfreak2915d ago

guys dont bash Molyneux....

Remember Microsoft paid him to say this..

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Brian52472915d ago

Ambitious to start, but they all end up coming up short of expectations.

despair2915d ago

and have farts in them for some reason.

3sq2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Yup and PONCHO is something totally brand new.

Hacker2915d ago

So true where is the innovation Sony lol.

koehler832915d ago

It was innovative 10 years ago, when they invented it.

rumplstilts2915d ago

Motion control was pretty innovative. When Nintendo had it on the NES. It is called a power glove.

i_am_interested2915d ago

good thing that eye is there to go with it, you know, that thing sony innovated

Nathaniel_Drake2915d ago

You mean where is the innovation Wii

DigitalRaptor2915d ago

Sony was doing this shit years ago, before the Wii came out.

And for your information, Microsoft bought the technology behind Kinect. There's nothing innovative about what they've done, particularly when Kinect is not really that much more advanced than the PS Eye!

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thebudgetgamer2915d ago

" I'm a Microsoft Employee I have to say nice things about Microsoft"

- Ghost of Sparta -2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I'm not sure why you got disagrees.

@ Hacker: Sony invented the Eyetoy and the Wiimote technology that Nintendo uses now. Sony does nothing but innovate. Microsoft's only innovation was the Red Ring of Death, and now in the new Xbox 360 S, the Red Brick of Death.

nygamer282915d ago

because peter is not an microsoft employee you two idiots

Hades13372915d ago

wow you're definitely not biased...

thebudgetgamer2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

is he not the Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios, Europe?

Nathaniel_Drake2915d ago

He is part of their first party studios Lionhead