Hands-on with Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Razing Storm’s Arcade mode is fast, frantic fun, but Namco Bandai is also adding a beefy new Story mode to this PS3 version. The Story mode differs in its control scheme, playing more like a full-fledged FPS. You aim with the PlayStation Move and maneuver using the Navigation Controller – holding a DualShock 3 or Sixaxis in your left hand works just fine, as well. By dropping the “on-rails” approach of the Arcade mode, the Story mode opens up more flexible gameplay possibilities: you can take cover by pointing the Move upwards, and cook off a grenade’s fuse to trigger an airburst explosion.

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YourFlyness2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Sweet! 8 player online, 3 games in 1!

chessy commercial though lol

Cajun Chicken2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Good as sold, uses Move and 3 games, one of which I stayed away from due to the complex gun and I'll have all the series so far on console. See, that's all it takes for me to buy a peripheral, others have to learn. I will also have no shame in buying a piece of plastic to hold the Move in, you NEED a gun for Time Crisis.

Also can't wait to see how Heroes on The Move turns out. It's looking rough at the moment, but it's early days.

2945d ago