Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Confirmed via Tests

Will the new Apple iPhone 4's antenna design contribute to lower signal reception? According to one antenna consultant and tests, it's all in how you hold the phone – or don't.

Customers who received the Apple iPhone 4 early have begun complaining that...

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- Ghost of Sparta -2861d ago

Switch to Sprint, buy an HTC Evo 4G (which destroys any Droid), problem solved. iPhones suck.

thereapersson2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Well I wouldn't go that far. The HTC Incredible on Verizon is pretty comparable to the HTC Evo, minus the front-facing cam and a 4G radio. Not only that, but HTC royally screwed up by imposing a 30 FPS cap on the device. XDA still hasn't completely confirmed if it's a hardware or firmware / driver issue, but they're hard at work on a fix. The ridiculous thing about the whole issue, is that despite Google's goal of having all Android devices running at 60 FPS -- or close to it -- is being circumvented by HTC's asinine standards for the phone.

Also, you can't forget that Motorola just announced the Droid X, which while not a 4G phone, seems to trump the Evo in other ways. I'm on Sprint and I was planning on getting the Evo, but after reading about the 30 FPS cap and no official fix in sight by either HTC OR Sprint, I think I'll be holding off a while longer until the kinks are ironed out.

This is why I'm glad I'm never an early adopter of *anything*. I even cancelled my pre-order that took 2 weeks to actually have a device ready for me, AFTER the phone had already been released. I'm that adamant about this problem.


McPoopin, way to show your complete lack of maturity. I tried to think of a valid response to your comment, but all I could really muster up is a massive facepalm. REPORTED.

MEsoJD2861d ago

This is just fcuking annoying now. Android fans are starting to become more pathetic than Die hard apple fans.

Please do eveyone a favor and SHUT THE FCUK UP! ^_^

thereapersson2861d ago

And instead of providing a cohesive response to my statement, they sit in the shadows, slam the disagree button and scream "NO U". Then you get people like McPoopin, who is obviously a shining beacon of hope and a superb conversationalist amongst the rational-minded Apple community to round out the package...


dizzleK2861d ago

must....go buy one....steve jobs compells me....

just wait for the droid x or whatever it's called.

Blaze9292861d ago

I'm tempted to buy one (still on the iPhone 2G) but I know it's just hype that's tempting me.

FaceTime is cool and all but I have no one to even use it with plus it's wifi only - lame.

Everything else is nice but dunno yet. I'll wait for them to iron out the launch problems first.

Droid X however...WOW. If only I actually liked Verizon Wireless

faizanshakyboy2861d ago

Droid X is way better than iPhone 4. Check this

Supraman2861d ago

I only disagree with you cause your shitty site says its exclusive with Sprint. This is fail. Its for Verizon.

spektical2861d ago

@ above


but yea, Droid X > iPhone 4... i just hate the fact that i have to pay an outrageous fee of $30 per month for internet.. thats why i got the Dare instead, which is a nice, sleek device as well. :)

Hanif-8762861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

The design of the iPhone 4 is what compels me to buy one (scratch resistant Glass front & Back with an aluminum frame) Also, with that ultra high resolution screen with the amazing features of the iPhone 4, so whats not to love?

DeFFeR2861d ago

Low signal strength?

kurochi2861d ago

actually, it's not scratch resistance or even drop resistant..... apparently, if you accidentally drop it a couple of time (which we all do no matter how careful you are), the screen cracks and it gets destroyed. This isn't the first instances I read either.

MEsoJD2861d ago

isn't that bad at all. Well I live California and I haven't had much problems.

I just got the iphone 4(my first iphone) and its amazing. I don't have too many gripes about it, except I'm scared to death of breaking it.

All this bashing from Android fans is getting ridiculous.

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