Sony and BBC to bring iPlayer 3 to PS3

The BBC has confirmed that the newest iteration of its on-demand TV catch-up service iPlayer will be released on Sony's PlayStation 3. Simon Cross of the BBC told TechRadar that it will be looking to introduce....

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Godmars2902947d ago

While Youtube seem s to be only falling backwards in PS3 support.

Godmars2902947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

You can't manage you account or playlist much less rate or make comments, things you could have done when the first day. Nevermind XL which is a poor ADD joke.

Grooveshark or Pandora on the browser.

dangert122947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

o thanks :) book mark them lol, bubbles 4 that
i like grooveshark ^_^ really greatful

dangert122947d ago

youtube is lacking i agree i'd like to last fm support 2

Myst2947d ago

I agree with the second, Pandora would be nice or perhaps like on the 360. Though since it is only available to Gold on 360 I wonder if it would only be available to PSN+ subscribers. Can't see Sony doing something like that, but ya never know...

mushroomwig2947d ago

Neat. :)

All we need now is Youtube built into the XMB it'll be perfect.

MexicanAppleThief2947d ago

I'd rather the Sony improve on the PS3 browser to be honest. Or atleast pass on development to Google so they can add Chrome. They seem to be pretty chummy these days.

mushroomwig2947d ago

Meh, even if they did improve the browser, having a Youtube app on the XMB would be far more attractive. :)

nickjkl2946d ago

idk why it would look just like you tube xl on the browser

saint_john_paul_ii2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

make it a PS3 app, not just a web page. things are faster and more streamlined this way.

just like


MLB TV? how did you get that?

saint_john_paul_ii2947d ago

im from the US. just saying. they should go the app route.

Chris3992947d ago

I really wish that some of the cool features like this weren't region locked.

NecrumSlavery2947d ago

I watched while it was free last weekend. What a great app. HD onDemand baseball games, you can even watch from your teams own cameras. Makes me want hockey and football TV

Charmers2947d ago

@Chris399 - to be fair the British do pay a licence fee to cover the costs of the BBC (about £140 a year ($208)). So it would be a bit unfair if the rest of the world could access content from the BBC legitimately whilst contributing nothing financially.

This is one of the reasons why the Xbox currently doesn't have iplayer. MS wants to make it part of the gold package and I believe this actually breaks the BBC licence terms (ie the Brits would be paying again for something they already paid for). The only way MS could offer the iplayer on their console is if they do it for silver members as well (which they are reluctant too).

Xfanboy2947d ago

I feel a Apple lawsuit coming!!

BBCnewsrocks2947d ago

Apple does own the letter "i" and iPlayer's been around for years now.

zeddy2947d ago

no point unless you can watch HD stuff, which i doubt wil happen.

Charmers2947d ago

The BBC iplayer does support HD (upto 720p) and a great many programs available on iplayer are also available in HD. The BBC iplayer service also supports subtitles as well for those that are hard of hearing. It is a pretty good service I use it on my PC to catch up on programs I missed earlier and I watch nearly all of the programs in HD.

Whether the PS3 incarnation of iplayer will support HD is anyone's guess although for the life of me I cannot see any reason why it shouldn't.

PS3istheshit2947d ago

ya who cares if its not in HD
Youtube is the biggest source for videos!

BBCnewsrocks2947d ago

Except youtube has nothing to do with this.

iPlayer HD app for the PS3 would be so awesome though.

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