Microsoft Kinect vs. Nintendo Wii vs. Sony PlayStation Move: What's the best motion gaming platform?

Microsoft Kinect vs. Nintendo Wii vs. Sony PlayStation Move reviews: A look at the pros and cons of each motion gaming platform.....

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Anon19742889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"Where my time with Microsoft's body-mapping Kinect camera revealed an experience premised on somewhat laggy, clearly casual-angled motion-tracking, playing with Sony's Move wands and smaller propulsion-oriented sub-controller was like upgrading to high fidelity."

This article doesn't actually answer the question, but it does complain that the ball on Move is "dorky" and it could take a bit to set up.

I mean setup is complicated? Really? Plug in the camera, sync up the controller. How is that any different then plugging in the Wii's sensor bar, syncing up the Wii-motes and then calibrating the Wii mote?

I don't know. To me it feels like they're reaching a bit there to find something bad to say about Move.

Blacktric2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

For "true" hardcore and casual gaming; Move. For casual gaming; Kinect. For a bit from both; WiiMote.

Menech2888d ago

Ain't PC world that place that sells over price junk in the UK and doesn't know what a graphics card is.

Reliable source for ya.

Gran Touring2889d ago

"There’s a lot to set up – Where the Kinect is one single unit and the Wii only has a couple of things to put in place, the PlayStation Move requires several components. You’ll need the PS3 system, the Move controller, the Navigational controller, the PS3 Eye, and the proper software to read whatever you’re doing. Based on what we’ve seen, it will take the longest to put into play"

That's about one more item than setting up a game on the wii...

MisterAV2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Quoting:You’ll need the PS3 system (Wii), the Move controller (Wii remote), the Navigational controller (nunchuck), the PS3 Eye (wii bar), and the proper software (game) to read whatever you’re doing. Based on what we’ve seen, it will take the longest to put into play"
It's the same...

MNicholas2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Actually the Wii has the most complicated set up.

1 Wii system
2 IR Bar
3 Software
4 Controller
5 Motion plus add on
6 Nunchuck

They also state that the Move is somehow less family friendly than the others.

In the real world, Kinect is the most restrictive. Handicapped and older people would not be able to use it effectively or at all.

In contrast, the Wii and Move can be used from a wheel-chair and with a twist of the wrist.

ElementX2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Another day, another comparison

Sadly, I think what you said is true.

BeaArthur2888d ago

Yeah really, I think we will be seeing these through the end of the year.

Al Bundy2888d ago

Yet, both of you clicked the link and commented again.

BeaArthur2888d ago

I'm sorry, I just don't care about the opinion of someone who's a delusional fanboy. You're opinion literally carries no weight. Last time I checked this section was a forum for debate and everyone who has something to contribute to the conversation is free to reply. But I'm sure you wouldn't understand that since you roam around trolling all day and the idea of logical reasonable debate is totally lost on you.

n4gno2888d ago

"delusional fanboyz" ?

i don't think so, he don't have a xbox.

Boody-Bandit2888d ago

they entice hits almost as much as articles with sensationalist (heat) headlines. Negativity = hits.

Personally my choice is Move regardless of what any article says. Whether they support it, bash it, laugh at it or say it's the messiah of motion controls.

I am hardcore gamer into hi def and digital sound. Move is the only controller that fits my needs.

Dnied2888d ago


rekof2888d ago

I am also getting fed up with the same shit over and over again,.. Every f**** 3 hours,..


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