Shovelware Sells A Lot More Hardware Than Triple A Games Do

Craig Hasselback of GFB explains why the software we refer to as "shovelware" is actually more important to the game industry than most of us realize and how "shovelware" influences hardware sales in ways that are beneficial to the platforms the software appears on.

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BeaRye2857d ago

I don't care what people say when they complain about shovelware. Let's see them make a quality game.

BattersUp2857d ago

Typically when people b**ch about shovelware it's jealously. If it bothes them so much, don't buy it! Shovelware really does decide who wins. PSone, PS2, and now Wii.

evrfighter2857d ago

go to steam right now if you want to see what sells hardware

kennykramer2857d ago

If they can't do any better, stop complaining about it.

nilamo2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Yes because shovelware gets 95+ scores by almost every gaming media....

NothingToGainButLove2857d ago

LOL! bubbles for making me laugh 8)

tinybigman2857d ago

before and i dont tend to start now. i'll leave them to those who want to waste money on that crap. give me quality games for my hard earned money any day of the week.

tinybigman2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

who disagreed think i should spend my hard earned on crappy ass games huh? to those i say blow it out your asses. im not spending the money i work hard for on games that are stupid.

dgroundwater2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I'm not one to jump in on this type of thing, but who the hell disagreed with this guy? Someone likes buying this stuff? It is obviously aimed at casuals with no knowledge of good gaming, so why defend it?

bioshock12212857d ago

Exactly games are games and this so called "shovelware" has a huge market. They just sell a lot just look at Wii games most games that sell the most are Wii sports, Wii play, Wii fit, Just dance, etc. Nintendo knows this and so does Microsoft which is why they are making the games they are for Kinect because those type of games sell.

Plus most shovelware games are not that bad they are actually kinda fun. Yes they may not be as deep as a so called AAA game whatever that means but they provide some fun for an hour or two when people come over.

Anon19742857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Simply saying it's so doesn't make it so. Where's the source to back this up? Where's the data? Some statistics?

This just seems to defy logic. "Because casual gamers are ignorant and will grab shovelware off the shelf that moves hardware."

Come again? If casual gamers pick up 1000 copies of some shovelware crap because they don't know any better - they get stuck with a crappy game they never play and the developer makes next to nothing because they made crap and it serves them right. Then those developers go out of business. Meanwhile Super Mario Brothers sells 14 million copies. But shovelware moves hardware, eh?

The idea that casual gamers buy the system with the most games is nonsense. If that were the case the PS2 would still be the best selling console, not the Wii.

Really, what is this article basing any of this on? This is nonsensical rambling that simply defies reality, legitimate sales data and, I have to say, logic itself.

jonlynch2857d ago

darkride66. Congrats on being close-minded and simple while maintaining fanboy blindness and hiding behind the word logic without grasping the definition of common sense. Here's to you. *cheers*

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jphelps802857d ago

It's the reason the Wii is number 1!

kennykramer2857d ago

combined with all the great games too. Some of the games people call shovel ware are fun party games that just aren't for them.

jonlynch2857d ago

shovelware sucks no matter how you cut it.

FragGen2857d ago

+1. LOL at all the retards above and the original article for not understanding that correlation is not equal to causation. Take a logic class, gang.

Shovelware is a SYMPTOM of a successful system not the cause of, or necessary for, a successful system.

vgn242857d ago

I don't want it, so I don't buy it

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