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When all is said and done, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a fantastic, although flawed, game. Have no fear though, as this is a Hideo Kojima game, so the good greatly outweighs the bad any day of the week. If you’ve been looking for a reason to dust off your trusty old PSP, then MGS: Peace Walker is it. Unlike how some companies take their biggest franchises and try to throw them on the PSP, Hideo realized that you have to build it for the system and in doing so created one of the top 5 games to be released on the PSP, period. Metal Gear fans should rejoice, as this game could easily become your new favorite MG game if you’re not paying attention, because even though it has a few flaws, the game is so good that you’ll easily over look them. $40 is a small asking price to pay for a Hideo Masterpiece. If you’re looking for one best experiences on the PSP, and indeed from the whole MGS series, then Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is it.

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Blacktric2918d ago

Listen to the main theme below, look at the picture that shows Big Boss carrying an M60, G3, two pistols, grenades and 3 RPG's at his back then tell me that game sucks. You can't. You just can't.

ThanatosDMC2918d ago

The only thing i didnt like about PW is how easy the enemies were. They were too easy to kill and they dont keep coming. After they're slaughtered they dont send in more guys to come kill you. The only difficult enemies that made me actually retreat even with the battle dress are the AI enemies especially the type IIs. Great game worthy of my PSP Go purchase.

N4GAddict2918d ago

Yeah, Peace Walker is awesome.

raztad2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Score very well deserved. I would give it a 9.5/10. To be honest if I had to pick between PW and MGS4 I would pick PW.

karl2918d ago

is that good? to say its better than MGS4 is quite the statement....
and u make me want to buy a psp...

thebudgetgamer2918d ago

i dont have a psp yet, but if i did i would be all over this.

PirateThom2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Peace Walker is MGS5 and it does everything a Metal Gear Solid game should do (the overall game is fantastically well designed, Kojima's influence over a game should NEVER be understimated) and, if it was on PS3, it would be GOTY without question from anyone, it's easily on par with MGS4... but, it's let down by something beyond it's control, the second analogue stick. Kojima Productions have done an AMAZING job of overcoming it and it's made it even smoother than Portable Ops, but it's DYING for the second stick, it really is.

3dawg2918d ago

its surprising how much content they put in the game considering it's a psp game. i keep wishing this came out on a home console. 15hrs in and counting.

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Spaghett2918d ago

Fucking Kojima making all these god damn awesome games making me buy a PCP. I'll have to keep playing Son of Liberty and Snake Eater until I rob enough ATMs to afford a PCP.

JonnyBigBoss2918d ago

I want some PCP.

Seriously though, this game is golden.

Gene2918d ago

Dude it's that good get asap.

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