Eyes on Civilization V (ZTGD)

Via ZTGD, "Hello, my name is Cat, and I need just one more turn.

"If you’re a longtime Civ fan like me, Civ V will do much to impress and delight you. Notably, it seems to learn from recent forays into the casual. Don’t worry, you still get your same level of control and detail (and then some), and this bold new Civ does much to lure more gamers into our fold."

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UNCyrus2800d ago

Sidenote: "Cat writes, 'Hello, my name is Cat...'"
There's an echo in here! :)

Back on topic... The water graphics in Civ V are incredible! I'm glad they changed to hex tiles and made is so you couldn't stack units! Lots of great changes to balance gameplay have gone into this game!

Cat2800d ago

Darn you, Will! :P Heads up: there's no Trophies in this game.

captain-obvious2800d ago

I'll buy this game as soon as i get me some cash

beardpapa2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

i would buy this as soon as I can on Steam (they even have it preorder) but only once they port it to mac. It's just not the same playing on a win7 10 inch netbook nor bootcamping to it (since that's all I have atm). In the meantime, I'm still terrorizing the neighboring empires in Civ4.

Cat2800d ago

@beard - yeah, I'll be bootcamping. It isn't the same but I lack the necessary patience!

sid4gamerfreak2800d ago

I love the CIv franchise as well. I will definitely be getting this brilliant game...

spandexxking2800d ago

i love me some civs
*3AM* "just. one. more. turn!"

Aphe2800d ago

Oh yeah it is absolutely deadly for that. Going to work after sleeping for two hours because you've been playing Civ all night, and then getting home and doing the same again. Can't wait for the new one, but I might have to book a few days off when it releases :P

2800d ago