Facebook On-Point For One Billion Users

There’s been an explosion in support for the Facebook platform from developers and publishers alike. Facebook is the place to be to reach new consumers, if you can create the right experience. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that the social network is on track to reach a heady milestone sometime next year.

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TheLeprachaun2828d ago

Facebook can suck my balls.

Stinkinmushroom2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

One billion users? That's cause you cannot ERASE an account..

"Facebook can suck my balls. "

Wait? facebook can do that? subscribing now!

Razmossis2828d ago

Half a Billion fake accounts of chicks trying to get you to visit them on their 'sluts on webcam' sites

Sunny_D2828d ago

Tried with zero luck, huh?

FarEastOrient2828d ago

So when is Facebook going to start making a profit? These shares are pointless...

pustulio2828d ago

You CAN erase your facebook account my uncle did it, after trying it he didn't liked it so he erased it.

You can.

TANUKI2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Actually you can erase your account, I did last month, but the method to do it is very stupid! But I see what your saying. With such an unassuming way to delete it, no wonder no one leaves.

I had to go to an external site, to find the EXACT link to delete my facebook account.


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evrfighter2828d ago

ya, I still don't have a facebook account

Donny2828d ago

i had 8 million chips in poker and they all got hacked, fukc facebook.

pustulio2828d ago

You have no friends, Facebook friends are not real friends dude you are not social.

bioshock12212828d ago

@mariusElijah Yes because sitting down all day on facebook behind a computer screen is very social.....

LordMarius2828d ago

what is this 200X? Ever heard of a phone

Vip3r2828d ago

Ever heard to talking to people face to face? Like how socialising is supposed to be like?

mrv3212828d ago

And so this shall me marked a E-DAY, when the internet has been destroyed and animimity gone.

Who loves arguments on the internet with random people about nothing import? We do.
Who likes googling a random collection of words and reading an article? We do
Who likes insalling stupid stuff because it's free? We do.

I dislike facebook and that's my personal opinion, if you like it that's fine but I just don't.

AliTheBrit192828d ago

That would mean approx. 1/6th of the earths population


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The story is too old to be commented.