Hajime: Final Fantasy Agito XIII Not A Priority

In an interview in Dengeki PlayStation, Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday, has revealed some new details about Agito. When asked about the development process, Hajime said that "The 3rd Birthday takes priority" and that the development of Agito is steadily progressing.

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ShawnCollier2950d ago

Not surprised, considering how long XIII took to develop.

UnSelf2949d ago

im not sure if anyone cares but i just heard Kinect is retailing at $150

bjornbear2949d ago

xD thanks for the news though

Hardedge2950d ago

Versus is just coming out of hiding, I hope Agito will do so soon too.

mephman2950d ago

Pretty disappointing news.

Stealth20k2949d ago

What are you expecting?

Square is shit

Ryudo2949d ago

Thanks for that comprehensive view moron.

Da One2949d ago

not close to being completed vs 3rd Birthday, which is releasing this September. so why would it take priority over 3rd Birthday

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