Thevolution Network: E3 2010: MADDEN NFL 11 Redskins vs. Ravens Gameplay

Madden NFL 11 upclose and personal at E3 as the Ravens battle it out against Donovan McNabb and the Redskins

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darkstatic2947d ago

Looks, interesting, actually thinking about buying this madden, haven't purchased a madden in awhile, I love the speed of the game, and the replays so far, need to see more tho...

Shadowolf2947d ago

@ darkstatic

I actually enjoyed Madden NFL 10, however after getting my hands on Madden NFL 11 you begin to quickly see the updates. Online Team Play is also one of the Biggest selling points for Madden NFL 11. I recommend you pick this one up and we can battle it out online. My PSN ID is Shadowolf and my Gamertag is SGFShadow. I look forward to seeing you online. By the way if you're interested in trying out the new Medal of Honor beta I can get give you a beta code, let me know.

discoworld2944d ago

wow is it me or madden10 look like madden11? maybe i need to see it up close for myself