Games expected for KINECT for Xbox 360

Findtut: "The Kinect for Xbox is expected to be out from 4th November in US. Obviously we all are excited about it already. To increase your excitement we bring you the list of games expected to be out. These are sure to help you enjoy the Kinect experience better."

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callahan092887d ago

It really is just a totally lackluster list of games so far. It contains an insane amount of redundancies. Multiple sports compilation games, multiple dancing games, multiple exercise/fitness games, multiple party mini-game collections, a couple of on-rails racing games, and that's basically your line-up. The only games that don't fit into these categories are Star Wars (in my opinion it looks like a complete bastardization of the franchise) and Child of Eden, which is a multiplatform game. What's up with the lack of unique content? It's all just so redundant.

Alcon Caper2887d ago

Yes. I hope they can at least demo something original at TGS. Who needs 4 sports games and 3 fitness games. Sheesh...

dangert122886d ago

its funny theres not actually many games in that list =/

fitness first microsts no add campaign?

deepmovievoice2887d ago

new Xbox Kinect Tax Attorney Super Ace Pro. Who needs gameplay when you have forms to fill out with full motion support!


new Xbox Kinect Pogo Stick! Hours of fun, jump up and down!

zorglub2886d ago

Kinect is an epic failure in the making... Will it beat the Virtual Boy ?

acky12886d ago


Go for a jog if you wanna get fit.

Pistolero2886d ago

that's stupid's like saying "watch a movie if you want to be entertained"....there is more than one way to do things....I like to do activities outside but i also think it is fun to get together with a bunch of people and have fun playing active party games on the Wii....i like to do lots of different things, i'm not one dimensional and i doubt most people are.

acky12886d ago

yeh, fair enough. love a bit of wii and party games occasionally...just seems like theres only exercise, dance and sport games and I can only play them for a little while before getting bored. if i was an xbox fan right now, i'd be pretty pissed off that kinect is so casual...cos im sure people bought the xbox for the great games that have been released. not for this terrible line-up.

Moentjers2886d ago

lol, increase my excitement ?

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