The Old Republic: Sith Warrior Run-through (Preview)

Dennis Scimeca types his initials thoughts on Bioware's upcoming MMO from the E3 showfloor:

I am a stone-cold Star Wars junkie, just to register my bias - and also to note that I follow news on The Old Republic like a police bloodhound on the trail of a prison escapee. E3 was my first hands-on access to TOR, and I was far from dissapointed.

I hopped onto a PC running the Sith Warrior class in the demo room, and began with speaking to a trainer. Even having read so much about fully-voiced NPCs it was still somewhat of a shock to hear high-caliber dialogue equal to any I'd heard in Mass Effect coming out of the NPCs mouth. Hopefully Bioware will be fixing the aliasing issues that also took place within said mouth, but they have more work to do on the graphics, according to Rob Chestney from Bioware, who I was chatting with.

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