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Valay2674d ago

There's just something about this game that's drawing me in...

jazzking20012674d ago

i nvr knew stuffed bears could be so scary lol

Valay2674d ago

They're not that scary!

PhilipLarkin2674d ago

I really don't think this'll do very well..

Simon_Brezhnev2674d ago

your probably right i will it would sell atleast 500,000 copies so more devs can take changes and be creative

Spenok2674d ago

Sadly it probably wont. But this game looks pretty good.

killyourfm2674d ago

@Valey: Don't mark reports as "fixed" when they clearly aren't.

Valay2674d ago

It'd help if you could spell my name correctly...

In any case, just because you think something is "lame" or "lazy" doesn't mean it isn't a valid submission.

2674d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.