E3 Spotlight: Nexon America Game Previews

GrE writes, "Nexon America may not be a company that many hardcore gamers are aware of, especially in North America, but they are a company you should be aware of. Nexon has dominated the free to play market for the last 15 years and is probably best known for Maple Story in North America. To put things into perspective, numbers for the popular Zynga facebook game FarmVille are usually estimated around 80 to 100 million users. Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter Online has around 200 million players and has set records by having 2.2 million concurrent users playing at the same time. With that kind of a user base, Nexon is definitely a company you should be paying attention to..."

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CrAppleton2920d ago

I wouldn't much call them games as I would SPAM

bgrundman2920d ago

They are making money, so how wrong can they be?

JsonHenry2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Everyone should play Dungeon Fighter. It IS a hardcore game. And it is FREE! and almost anyone with a PC that can run windows 2000 or later can play it.

It like streets of rage in dark age times.

Gestalt2919d ago

You must be easily amused.

MadMan002920d ago

Huh? Nexon doesn't have any Facebook games...They used FB games as an example.

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starven2920d ago

I can't wait to see FarmVille show up on the PSN and XBLA......I can't even say that with a straight face.

DaRockSays2920d ago

HEY! Farmville is fun! What's wrong with getting some crops did?

bgrundman2920d ago

Good thing they are all free to play though.

WiFi Pirate2920d ago

Blech... when they start spamming me with "Player X just found an Item Y" I will pick up my pitch fork and torch and hunt someone down.

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