Vuvuzelas Are Deadly: Doom Mod

"There have been frequent rumblings around the internet that the Vuvuzelas are harming the World Cup. The horn has caused quite a ruckus and drowned out much of the rest of the noise at this year’s world cup. However, while it is possible for the horn to cause hearing damage from prolonged exposure at close proximity, they have never been deemed deadly. That is until now."


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cain1412946d ago

I almost forgot they even exhist. They seem normal now.

GameOn2946d ago

If you watched the England games you might forget they exist.

cain1412946d ago

Do they not play them during the england games?

Wrathman2946d ago

thats a priceless reply

AliTheBrit192946d ago

England had a rocky start sure

But we won our last game, and are through

Germany on Sunday, COME ON ENGLAND!

GameOn2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I was just on about the England fans roar drowning out the vevuzelas.

Been pretty un-impresed with the England team performance so far, and of all people we're playing the old enemy on sunday. I'm sensing a pretty emotional game.

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Cajun Chicken2946d ago

I knew it! I just knew this would happen!

cain1412946d ago

It just feels right lol

Cajun Chicken2946d ago

After the Rickroll boombox it was just a matter of time. I wonder if I download it and play if I'll be the first to vuvuzela enemies on 'Nuts 3' to death? Not sure if I can be bothered ATM though.

cain1412946d ago

haha I would love to rickroll enemies to death...

Cajun Chicken2946d ago

You can do it! It's out there!

Prcko2946d ago

i love youtube fun from these vuvuzelas hahaha

redDevil872946d ago

I clicked the football button on a youtube video today. Couldn't stop laughing, who came up with that idea lol

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